Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits: "Thank you and Drive Around"

"Welcome to Mommy's Kitchen...can I take your breakfast order?"
I made the mistake of speaking these words into the microphone of this.... as I was bringing it from the car up the stairs when asking my little girl what she wanted for breakfast.
So Now, she won't answer me unless I speak into the microphone.
"Would you like cream cheese or jelly or both with your bagel?"
"No, Mom, in there.....say it in there...."
At least I will have practice when I get that drive
thru job.

And we do not even use all the credit cards, money and product code cards that came with the $50 thing.....we use it as a microphone.

Oh, looks like it will be a long day.......

but on the upside-- it kinda makes me feel like I am one cruise ship....you know...

"Lido deck special- Banana Royals in Real Coconuts-- with Umbrellas- 2 for one..."


Anonymous said...

Mine will play drive through and I know I eat out too much when I hear them say, "number 5 eight piece with a coke"

Leigh said...