Friday, April 11, 2008

Five for Friday- Spring is Here Edition

Five Things I Love About Spring.....

Fresh Air and soaking up some Sun
Late Sunsets
Baseball with my son
Green grass and flowers blooming
Storms- and the smell of the flowers after the rain...
It is almost summer!
Five things I Do Not Like About Spring...
Hurricanes last year, Tornadoes this one
(UPDATE_ I saw Hail for the first time TODAY!)
Eating supper at 8:00
It is almost summer.
Is this 5?
5 Things to do for a Friday in Spring:
Grill some Chicken or go to a Mexican Cafe and eat Outside.
Buy a new Spring outfit.
Get some Flowers for your front porch.
Clean, Clean, Clean.
Relax and enjoy it.....
It is almost summer.

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