Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloggy BE FRIE....

Thank you Leigh, for this sweet award.
I am so honored.

I did stalk Leigh from her blog- lurking and reading and finally emailing her- confessing to her my whole life story and meeting a kindred spirit in the meantime. Our love of photography, previous Florida life, beaches, blogging and even sharing the same like of foods, perfumes and life made us instant virtual friends and-- I have been blessed enough to meet her in real world too.

My day is not complete until I check in with Leigh. She is one of the happiest, most positive people in the world, bloggy and real.

So here is the other half of the bloggy best friend....for making my day complete with your Rocking (according to me and several famous STARS) BLOG!!!
I look forward to joining you on one of those awesome day trips you so interestingly blog about and taking some awesome shots with you.

( I must say that I concur with Leigh on her other choices.....some of my BFFs in local bloggers as well....)

Abbey is a writer friend who shares my deep, dark writer's heart- and faith. She has had some health problems and I keep her in my prayer.

Hewy is so informative.....and such the mystery man that I love to check out daily, in the know insider info-- and find his gnomes!! I think his last name is Penhale in real life. Like my gnome.

Dullbert makes me laugh and intrigues me as well- I think he is really a rock star and do not know where he finds the funny stuff but thank him for narrowing the vast Internet for funny stuff just for me.

Michelle is super nice, talented and I love to visit her store as well as her blog- maybe more because I can buy stuff, especially Abercrombie for my little man. Go BIG MT. IDOL!

I would like to bestow this award on my current favorite read, BIG MAMA.

Her wit makes me laugh outloud every day and I can honestly say, this weekend when it was cold, I read her WHOLE BLOG. Yes, that was me on the site meter registering 50 pages- not some weird stalker, so no worries. I commented some, but read lots.

You have such a way with words, have an awesome Christian light buried in the laughter, sponsored the GREAT fashion fiesta that boosted my ratings and introduced me to lots of worldwide friends- and are an awesome mommy that I wish I did know in real life. I love your newly designed site and you personality that matches it.

We need to all go to a blogging convention!!!

Congratulations Big Mama- for Being lots of folks BFF......Copy, Paste and Share the Love if you wish and can fit in between lunches with CNN stars and grocery shopping with superstars, and sitting in the hunting your living room.

P.S. Look what I have tucked away in my jewelry box......
Circa 9th grade, 1982.
Real life high school BFF, Ang- wonder if she still has her half??? Oh the stories I could share about us.......
BFFs- Bloggy and real life.
Aren't they wonderfully enriching????

I think McMommy started this with help from Roaming Southerner.....both wonderful parts of my days as well.....Thanks girls!


HEWY said...

Penhale and I have the same number of letters. But Hewy is a character I made up..I really dont like gnomes and pancakes...well maybe a little.

For some reason I didn't think we lived in the same city. I'm sorry I never added you to my links.

Leigh said...

Charnita- Seriously we do need to get together again. It just doesnt make sense that we dont!
Oh-and you left out our infatuation with Bon Jovi....cannot forget that!

I love BIg Mama too. She is so funny!.

Dullbert said...

Thanks for the kind words .. but as I have told Leigh before you all are real bloggers I'm just a cut and paste slacker. It is good to know there are people that share a fondness for absurd stupid humor :) Pressure is on me now..

oh and your site looks really cool, glad you put your text on a solid background so some of the letters don't get lost anymore.

Michelle said...

AWWWWW Charnita!!!! You are so sweet! I totally appreciate the honor! I have you listed as my fav blogs.. All my fav bloggy friends are there! Thanks for being such a sweetie! And I like to see you and your adorable little ones when they come in the store!