Friday, April 18, 2008

Hair History 102: Final Semester: 2004-2008-Exam-Evaluation

Well, here is the final look at my hair history.
I am not sure why moving to Florida made me not want to be a blond- because everyone there was blond and tan.
I cut my hair off and colored it myself for the first time EVER in my life. Dark brown as it could go.
I wasn't working, had moved away from home and I guess I was rebelling against .....what...I do not know.
It has been growing, is highlighted, professionally again or is solid dark brown professionally again. So the saga continues. Only I will never color my hair at home again.
So as some have commented, if I want to hide or become anonymous- I can just do another drastic hair changing act.

In fact,

I have since my profile picture was taken......just for john Bon Jovi.

Oh the mystery......

Exam to be submitted in comments:
1. Can you put the collage in chronological order? ( I don't know that I could!!)
2. Which is the home color kit? (DUH)
3. Which hairstyle, overall, Posts 101-and both 102s, is your favorite?
4. Which hairstyle is your least favorite. Again, DUH.
5. Do you color your hair or use a salon?

And Lucky, Lucky me.
I found a great colorist and stylist here.
I never found one in you can tell.
I did pay $200 for a cut and color at a spa, however.
But it was nowhere near as good as my
Haven Salon in Old Town Helena.
I love to go there and spend the day with her.
She is creative, fun and entertaining.
And my kids lover her too.
So if you need a good change, Dana is all about finding a style and color that is perfect.
She studies and figures and colors with great care....
And I have had 3 different types of color form her- in one year, yes- and have loved them all.
So give her a call.....
Haven Salon
811 Creekside Ct
Helena, AL 35080

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Leigh said...

I love your hair now. I have had my own bad experenciences with stylist and even more so with the box/do it yourself. Like I said- you can see for yourself my horror show. It is bad...and I am still not completely happy now.
I LOVE your hair now. I think it looks great!