Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thought for Thursday: Colorado, Colorado...

Who out there has been to or lives in Colorado?

We are planning our family vacation for this summer and have never been to Colorado.
I know, I know.....I always, ALWAYS opt for the tropical locations but thought I go for a change of scenery. We are going to my Mother's in Gulf Shores for a week soon-- and that is the beach with good food, so that will give me my sun fix.
I did plan a Travelocity trip back to Maui for the 4 of us and if we had about $10,000 to blow on the week, that would be fine. Air fair and hotel alone was almost $7000- not to mention the 15 hours on the plane. I guess that is a better BEFORE KIDS trip- or will have to wait until they are older- Or until they are grown and we can go back just the 2 of us.
My daughter's only memory of the word vacation is our cruise.
She thinks we are sleeping and eating on the plane, getting off and going to the mountains and looking around at trees and flowers and creeks- and getting back on the plane each night to eat and sleep.
Last night she asked me where we would eat.
Did they have restaurants in the mountains?
Where will we sleep?
She has no recollection of hotels or planes.
Try explaining that away to a 4 year old.
And I am sure she is thinking, mountains, wilderness, woods.....
I told her we would look on the computer today and see where we were going.

So, we will fly into Denver and that is as far as I have planned.
Do you have a favorite park, hotel, day trip or restaurant in the Denver area?
If so, let me know so we can check it out.
I am very excited about going somewhere new and the photo ops Colorado will afford.
I need to brush up on my landscape photography......
Until then, I am Googling to my hearts content and compiling us a trip planner.....

HAPPY Thursday.

1 week until JBJ........
I found the quote above on the wall at the McWane Center and designed the graphic....
Isn't discovering life really about how we choose to see it?


Dullbert said...

hopefully someone other than me can answer your questions but I spent a week in Denver about 3 years ago. I really liked the city it was clean and the "main" road called the "16th Street Mall" with all the activities is closed to traffic. Stayed at The Westin Tabor Center which was a GREAT location. Going north past Boulder is Rocky Mountain Nation Park ..very nice! But I also enjoyed the drive to the west very scenic and you get to see the places you have always heard of, Vail,Aspen Steamboat Springs etc (let me qualify this with the fact that I have been to Glacier Park in Montana about 10 times and to me it's the Gold Standard for scenic beauty). Coors Field (rockies) is within walking distance, Coors brewery is about 10 minutes to the west in Golden, and I think there is a six flags right there also. Many , many restaurants on 16th street so if your budget allows stay as close to the "mall" area as possible. Oh well maybe someone with more knowledge can help but thats my two cents.

P.S. your going out of town for a concert ??? Thats crazy :)

Leigh said...

Great job with the graphic!