Friday, April 18, 2008

Hair History 102: 1996-2004

Well, on with the show.
Although my hubby, who never reads my blog, decided to read it last night and said..."Hair really need to get a job or something."
Well, obviously, the male species does not realize the importance of hair and the fact women like to make fun of other women's past faux pas and make ourselves feel a bit better about our locks.
Clearly, blogging about hair does not indicate some meaningless life that is not worth blogging about- nor does it indicate an unfulfilled life that needs employment. My goodness, my blog is just a culturally enriching experience, with a novel in progress, a Lebanese poet review, American Idol updates and now HAIR!!
Just needed to clear that up for the male readers.

I believe we were to permed and heavily highlighted circa 1996.......

Up next....this atrocity that I can't believe I am posting. Not sure where exactly it fits but along the same dark period.
I only put it up to show you that a 40 year old can surely look better than a 25 year old.
Bad hair. Fat due to drugs.
Not a pretty sight. Oh, and the glasses......My oh my. Jess sure was cute
Here is also from later in 996- I had major surgery even after taking fattening drugs and this if my get well party. Same ugly blunt cut. All my girls came to celebrate my recovery. Ang the recipient of the other half of the heart is in there......and then out of the better hair and life.

Gnomemaster of Albertville and Simming Nanny.

After my recovery, I traveled alot- kept my hair dark and let it grow. I went from reddish brown over bleached blond to jet black. Las Vegas, Cancun beads, Prom and Cancun again. Pre-kids. Travel, sun and fun.
And you can tell I liked that black and white sundress- a purchase I made in Maui. (Not PICTURED... from Maui- 1995.....fattest, worst hair time between grandmother perm pic and up recovery. Although it was a great trip and I bought lots of good things.

Then I was pregnant. Thick wonderful hair....I will skip right to the 9th speed things along. (May 1999)Too bad thick face and body accompany it. I gained almost 65 pounds.....but had some good hair!!! I even tried to distort the picture to not look as fat, but no luck.

And the Cut,

Cut, Brown.....

Blond highlights,


....1999, 2000, 2001!!!

I stayed BLOND a LONG TIME!!! Aren't you proud of me???

I really just put these up to show some of my favorite people- AND THOSE SUNGLASSES!! I used to love expensive sunglasses, but the time of 2 kids kills that love after then have been lost in the surf, stepped on, legs pulled apart......oh but this is about HAIR.

And I loved that Tommy Hilfiger tie-dyed shirt too!! (Jess, do you still have it?)

Until the end of 2002- November. I went back to being a brunette, . Who knows why. This was after a few colors. The first few were reddish over the bleach, of course. I told her to match my roots- talk about contrast. I got the most expensive haircut I had gotten- until that point--on a Princess cruise ship while there was a storm at sea and we could not dock.

Do I just have more pictures than most people or do I have a hair coloring disease???
I think it is just the OCD again- on both accounts- pictures and hair color.

Now we are to 2003- Pregnant again.
Cuts, highlights- good hair days. And into the world of digital photography- thus better photos.

I know, I know- I now have to go to my huge folder with custom CDs made and labeled by sometimes month and a compilation DVD at the end of the year. I am a sick, sick photographer-mommy-librarian. But that doesn't mean I need a job..........

Next up- The days of Baby girl to Present.........

Last expensive sunglasses.
Chicago Zoo- 2004. Took breast-feeding 6 month old baby on plane trip and to Wrigley Field. All the hair color must have given me brain damage.

Hair History 102: 2nd Semester and Final Exam to follow.


Emmalee said...

Final exam??? A test! Really?!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Oh yes, there will be a test.
And a survey evaluating the course.
I am a proper educator, you know.

HEWY said...

Wow, some of those haircuts completly changed your look. It took me awhile to pick in out in the groups.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

good, so if I WANT to be anonymous, I will just get a drastic new do! (Probably will soon anyway....)
And thank you, male reader, for not telling me to get a job due to my hair post.

Dullbert said...

I'd hate to pick you out in a police lineup! There would be some innocent people going to jail.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Hey, Dullbert...
yet another advantage to my hair obsession. Could come in handy.
And again, thank you male reader, for not making fun.

Charnita's Xpressions said...


Leigh said...


Leigh said...

You saw my ahirapy post didn't you? I can certianly relate to some bad hair days...