Monday, April 14, 2008

Uncle James

My Uncle James.....
This picture is of my grandmother- the young girl to the right in the front- and her family.
My great grandparents are the couple on the far left. MaMaw and PaPaw.
My great uncles are the young boys-my Uncle James standing on the left side of my great, great grandparents. My PaPaw is holding my Uncle Charles, who celebrated is 80th birthday last this picture was taken some 80 years ago.
My grandmother passed away several years ago- and prompted my dove story.
My uncle James is very sick and in the hospital at this moment-- not expected to make it through the night.
I spent every Christmas Eve of my life at his and Aunt Nell's house, eating chili, exchanging gifts, playing cards, eating scrumptious cakes....anticipating Santa.
I can see Uncle James having his 3rd or 4th piece of cake- sampling them all. Peanut or Black Walnut? Which is your favorite??
I can still recall the sweetness of those long cold Christmas Eves spent with family and now, as the old ones pass on, the times become sweeter still- even bittersweet.
I will always remember his laughter and his sense of humor...
"Charty, did you get enough to eat?"
...and each Christmas Eve I will always think of Uncle James.
Peace be with you as you anticipate a happiness greater than Santa on this eve of your eternity.

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