Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"The best-laid schemes of mice and men , Gang aft a-gley”

To quote a favorite poet of mine, Robert Burns....

The best laid plans go often awry!

I am a planner.
I have had this Bon Jovi trip planned down to the hour for months now.
And suddenly..... Life has conspired against me.
From 2 job interviews- which I really do not want to go to on this particular date- but must .....IN THE MORNING,
TO my best friend's emergency sinus surgery and complications leaving her ticket going unused as of yet- and us both broken hearted that she can't go.....
and my child was supposed to stay with her child- thus leaving me without a sitter as,well,
I mean how tacky would it be to send my child there to stay with her.....and her crying because she is so sick and not there with us......
TO YET a death in the family with services TOMORROW NIGHT and FRIDAY.....

At the risk of sounding selfish, this is Bon Jovi, people!!!!!

I am not a good decision maker, and am trying to sort out all these last minute details.....
and as my husband says, this is why he chooses to be NOT a PLANNER and spontaneous.

I don't think he knows who Robert Burns is or the meaning of gang aft a-gley......,
but he is correct. (But hey, I can't read blue prints.....)
So- SO much for planning.

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.- John Lennon

On a good note, I painted my toenails glitter black, bought new COACH sandals for the show, and sparkly green eyeshadow.
Those should go great for the job interviews, Bon Jovi Concert and funeral.


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Oh, honey, did I say COACH?? I meant know those Coach shoes are too expensive for me to buy.

Leigh said...

NOOOOOOO ! Charnita! I hope you can go. I am plannig to live it through you. I am sorry also for your loss. Prayers are with you.
Good luck on the job interview. I have a business proposition that I am going to talk to you about when I get back. I am going to run it by Big Daddy, see what he thinks. He is my sounding board. It is a one time gig...
Also, did you see my post in dedication of you?

Dullbert said...

Let me tell you my story about my little trip to N.O. planned for months Sat. April 19. Airfare booked, ticket purchased, rental car reserved, NON-REFUNDABLE !! hotel through priceline... ya with me ? One week before showtime the NBA team down there makes the playoffs with home court advantage. They say they will make a decision Thurs. morning if they will be playing Sat or Sun. Thursday morning it's announced the game will be Sat the concert re-scheduled for Sun. Lose the room, add 70 dollars to the airfare and now need to take a Monday vacation. A wee bit stressful! Do what ya gotta do but go.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Oh, I am going.
Even at almost 40, my mommy came and saved the day.
All is well except my dear sick friend who still can't go.
Dull, we still have an extra ticket now?????
How does 7 women and Bon Jovi sound???

Dullbert said...

"How does 7 women and Bon Jovi sound" yikes when you put it like that .. if you remove Bon Jovi from the sentence it sounds like that re-occurring dream of mine :)