Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Mama's Friday Fashion Fiesta

One of my favorite daily reads is Big Mama. She is the funniest blogger I believe I have found. I can identify with her, as well, being a southern mommy blogger. So she has Fashion Friday each week, only this week, she has an extra special event-
"What do you wear on a daily basis? What’s your uniform? What piece of clothing can you not live without?
I want to see it all.
If you are concerned that bearing the contents of your closet will cause the Internet to have to lift your fashion sense up in prayer, that’s okay. We are all one in the spirit of fashion and God isn’t afraid of a challenge."

So, I decided to play along.

Here you go Big Mama. I bear my Friday Fashion Fiesta Soul!

I love you Big Mama and thanks for the opportunity to share our dirty laundry, literally! Here are the things I CAN"T live without as I hang out at home.
First up are my lounging pants. The black pair may look a bit wrinkled and dirty because I had to fetch them from the laundry hamper. They are black with white piping trim, made by Karen Kane. These are crop sweat pants and I ADORE THEM. So soft and comfy. I would wear these every day. Every day, that is unless I can wear the Leopard print Nilla Shields crop pants. If you are not familiar with Nilla, let me introduce you. She is a mommy turned designer from Clearwater Florida and I ADORE her clothes. These are leopard print on the front and black on the back with pocket and cuff being leopard as well! These are not cheap, but believe me....worth every penny you pay for them. My friends in Florida turned me on to Nilla and her clothes are found in cute little boutiques that we enjoyed hunting up and online if you are lazy and want to click and buy.
And next up are my favorite T-Shirts. I believe I have posted about by obsessive compulsive tendencies previously. I am banned from collecting things, usually. One thing I feel compelled to to is collect a t-shirt from each and every place I visit. Especially strong is the urge if it is a restaurant- Especially Hard Rock Cafe or Hooters. So shown are just a sampling, mind you, of my Hard Rock shirts. The White one on top is from Cancun circa 1997 when I took 58 high school seniors on a 7 day trip along with 4 of my best friends.
I just can't part with it. I have one from Cozumel from the same trip.
I think these are the oldest- I have sadly and regrettably parted with a D.C., Las Vegas and a Chicago that predated these.
The black one on top is my newest addition, New York from October of this year when my son went with my sister. The peachy one is one of my favorites- from Athens, Greece. No, I didn't get to go- my niece Jess did!
Shorts and a T-shirt form the Caymans ( trip 1 and 2), and shorts and a T-shirt (pink middle) from Orlando- The LARGEST Hard Rock on the planet. I was in heaven! I do love the food and atmosphere at the Hard Rocks and I do love that I can spend my days at home lounging in the wonderful t-shirts they have in great supply. I have lots more......but don't tell my husband.

Speaking of my husband, he started the next collection. Wow, hard to believe, I know. But he bought me my first Hooter's tank top in 1998- the white one shown below. I was meeting him at the hospital for my sonogram to see if our first beloved child was a boy or a girl. He brought me a present to the sonogram appointment- a Hooters Birmingham tank top. I was 5 months pregnant and could not get the thing over my head. When we moved to Florida, the whole world was more relaxed, less pretentious and less clothed. So it became his treat to buy me Hooter's tank tops in many varieties. I did sport them in my wonderfully kind and free neighborhood in Florida, but now reserve them for house and sleeping wear with the occasional trip to the mailbox or garbage can in the less accepting Alabama south. I guess since it was hot as hell in Florida, people didn't care what you wore.

So the tie-dyed is from Hooter's Tampa, the Pirate one is from Pelham, AL. I have more of these as well- but my husband knows about these.

I had to throw in my Bon Jovi PJs in the picture for good measure. I did wear these to a Dr. visit one time recently when I was feeling spirited. No one commented. It felt good.

So there you go, world and Big daily uniforms, my good ole comfort clothes- as sad and ratty as they may be- they still give me great pride and comfort!!!!


Lone Butterfly said...

I've never heard of Nilla Shields, but the pants DO look very comfy!

I had to weed out my selection of Hard Rock shirts not to long ago - there just wasn't enough room in my closet. My mum (being the dear she is) has saved all my boys old shirts (from Summer Camps/Sports Teams and the like) and is making each of them a quilt! I keep hoping she'll do the same for me!

p.s. - love your blog's background :)

Leigh said...

Hey Girl! I did this too. I saw your name on 55! You and I both have a fetish for t's I see!
Happy Fiesta!

Keetha said...

I LIVE for comfy pants - - - and football. :-)

Keri said...

YAY another Mom who lives in comfy clothes! I was starting to feel alone! hehe!

Thank you for your're too sweet. I really do enjoy every minute of being pregnant and I'm sad this is probably my last time. :(

Leigh said...

You are amarige too! WOw, girl! I really think we were seperated at birth! Soooo many similarities.

JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and sharing your wardrobe too.

Big Mama said...

Love all the tees!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

My 8 and 4 year old know all the words to the Lost Highway songs....they are hooked too and mad they are not going to the concert in ATL with me next month!!!