Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits 2: Shopping, Show Tunes, Shrubs and John Bon Jovi!

Oh another note, I got some clothes for the Bon Jovi Event at Macy's One Day Sale- that actually lasts 3 days- this weekend.

8 Days to Bon Jovi........

This is a perspective shirt for the Bon Jovi Concert. It is my favorite brand, INC International Concepts from Macy's. I adore their clothes, especially shirts. I have this other one that I am considering.....

I had those wooden Dr. Scholls in my youth and I could not resist this sparkly pink pair.
These are not for the concert, but the ballfield.
They have plastic bottoms and a massagy feeling to the bottom of your foot.

And a new pair of Flip Flops....can't have too many.

Also, we are overhauling our landscaping. Let me say we are usually not do-it-yourselfers- especially not in the gardening area, so this is new for us. I did compliment my husband. He is as OCD as I am, whether he will admit it or not- just about different things. It bodes well for him in that he starts a project and finishes it....immediately. So, started late Saturday and by mid Sunday evening, had accomplished his goal of half the front beds.

I told him I love that about him- because most women complain about hubbys taking weeks to finish a job-- or never finishing a job at all. And I took this opportunity to start a gnome garden in the newly revitalized landscaping.
Here is Before and after.......

American Idol Update:
And while I am rambling, Idol was a weird night tonight.

I am not really a Broadway girl, but do enjoy some of the songs- just not many of these.

Brooke has to go after that disaster.

Jason Castro didn't shine either-- although I love the song.

Archuletta sounded like always. Very talented, but I am growing tired of his same sound weekly.

Syesha impressed me the most. She is very theatrical and animated- so much personality.

So maybe.....I take back one of the times I called her Whitneywannabe.

She deserves to stay after that performance.

Carly and David Cook did the best to me-

after Syesha, I hate to admit!!!

Bye Bye Brooke.....


Abbey said...

Hi Sweetie! I'm resting a LOT b/c I'll be seeing Allison Krauss and Robert Plant on Saturday night! Hubby says "we'll see" - I got something for him! Tickets are on the floor in Section A, center stage and there's no way I'm missing it!! Next week is Santana and Derek Trucks Band at Oak Mountain, to which we also have front section seating! Yardwork: I love it! Wish I were able to get out there right now! The photos look great and you should be proud of your accomplishment! American Idol: Aucheletta - yep, same ole every week, nothing new, nothing different in his sound. Now David Cook? I thought he did the most awesome job. Didn't know that he grew up singing in plays on stage in school! He is the most well-rounded singer in the bunch and if he doesn't win, well, then there's just something rotten in Denmark! Brooke started out the season with such strength, but is losing her composure and control for some reason. The dark haired girl - forget her name - she's also quite awesome and did a great job on "Jesus Christ, Superstar". I predict her and David as the last two standing.

My daughter still has her Bon Jovi ticket stub in the memory book I made for her high school graduation. That was THE highlight of her senior year in 1990!

Abbey said...