Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol- Mariah Week

I have to admit, I like Mariah more than I thought and did not remember all the songs that were hers.
David Archuletta can sing. Anything.
Carly tried a little too hard to make it low and different- I love the song- really didn't know it was Mariah....! I am old.
Syesha did a good job, but to me, she always sounds the same- pretty boring. I never heard the song. I guess she was ok, like every week to me.
Brooke- Awkward.
Christy Leigh- don't like her, didn't like the country whang to the song- I agree with Simon-whiny.
DAVID- Brilliant!!! Loved him again. So original.
Jason- Adorable, original and maturing.

Please take Christy, Syesha or Brooke......in that order.
David, David, Jason and Carly- in that order- were the best.


Leigh said...

bloggy bling and link love for you at my place....

Emmalee said...

Does that mean you want me to burn you a Mariah Carey cd now?

Charnita's Xpressions said...

More than I though I did meant I remembered 2 of 7 songs were hers...not that I actually liked them. Maybe I should clarify.....
More than I thought I did means a little more than Whitney Houston(YUK) or Celine Dion (SNOOZE).
Not a big Diva fan.
Rocker Boys!!!!!