Friday, April 25, 2008

Five for Friday

My Top Favorite Bon Jovi Songs.....
just for Nanny Emmalee- my fellow OCD.

And in Honor of Bon Jovi Week!!!!!

5. It's My Life
4. Runaway- my first favorite long ago....
3. Seat Next to You
2. Everybody's Broken- love the lyrics- what poetry!
1. Who Says You can't Go Home- my 4 year old knows every word- my theme song for the past few years.

OK....I can't do just insert these......

5.1 Welcome to Wherever You Are- love the lyrics
4.1 One Last Cigarette
3.1 Roulette
2.1 Livin' on a Prayer
2.2 Summertime- makes me happy
2.3 Story of my Life

And if you do not know some of these,,
all albums and songs are there with audio, video and lyrics.
And if you don't like Bon Jovi, well I guess you are not a 40ish year old female.

And 5 things maybe you do not know about me....

1. I have a very small tattoo. Hurt soooo much I will never have another. And I got it as an adult and my mother was still appalled. I was a school librarian at the time and hid it with a bandaid for the rest of the school year.....
2. I love the songs I Hope You Dance and My Wish- both very country song but make my happy- and make me cry at the same time. I sing them to my kids and the think I am crazy.
3. I once met Randy Owen of the group Alabama when I was a pre-teen. In his front yard, mowing. In Ft. Payne Alabama. I was stalking him and he signed a night shirt for me.
4. I saw Bon Jovi with Cinderella in high school and have loved him since.
I have also seen: Alabama, Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Cinderella, Ratt, Def Leppard, The Bangles, Tina Turner, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Dokken, Dio, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte,
The Osmonds, Bob Hope, and Gallagher, Van Halen and David Lee Roth.
5. I secretly want to be a biker chick but am too clumsy and scared to ride one.
Although I do occasionally ride on back of one- although that SCARES ME TOO. I really just want to dress like a biker chick on occasion. (Maybe I just will....)
There are other things too, but those are all the secrets I will divulge today.
Have a Great Weekend!!!!!


Bentley said...

Did the Osmonds open for David Lee Roth...or was it the other way around? I myself have only been to 4 concerts in my whole life...and they were all Van Halen.
I almost scored some Hannah Montana tickets last fall though...

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Um....actually I think that the Osmonds opened for Good Charlotte...Hard rock Orlando.
My 2nd fav is Van Halen. Let's go to the on again off again reunion tour together!!!!! You can take pictures of me in my biker clothes with David Lee for your website.

Leigh said...

OHHH! I too saw Cinderella with Bon Jovi. I will work on a list of my favorites and post in awhile...gotta give it some good thought.

Leigh said...

she dont know me
in and out of love
wanted dead or alive
never say goodbye (oh, memories there)
born to be my baby
i'll be there for you
99 in the shade
Bed of roses
Have a nice day

I couldnt stop at 5 either...these are my tops. But I also love the classic like Bad Name, Bad Medicene, Runaway, Roulette, Summertime, Lay Your Hands on Me, Raise your hands...etc.
I so want to goooooooo............

Leigh said...

and my gosh, and love for! ok, I am just a singing...

Leigh said...

I EXPECT A FULL EDITORIAL/review on this one WITH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! and no less...