Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Chicago Cubs Man....

Today is my hubby's birthday and although he never reads my blog, I wanted to let you know that he is older than me.
By several years actually. This is the first picture I have of us- pre-married life, so circa 1988.
We have had 20 years together- half my life.
No hair comments, please. THIS is not about me.

We were married 10 years before our first beautiful child came along...had to make sure he is a keeper. Then 4 years or so later, when I was almost too old to have another and he REALLY was.... we had Beautiful baby girl. And although she is FEMALE, she is exactly like her Daddy.

Not to say that there have not been times in my life that I could have killed him , the worst thing I have done is throw ice water in his face- twice. But I was young and impulsive then. And he deserved it. ( Oh yes, and put him out of the car going down the highway while heading on vacation... but I digress again.)
WAIT- this is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY post.
He is a great father to my children and my son got his talent and athletic ability, thank goodness.
He is a hard worker, a great provider and really doesn't do that many things that annoy me. That's a compliment isn't it?

So Happy Birthday...and here's to:
-single college life when he would sneak down to my apartment and take me to movies and out to eat
-to getting soaked at a Bangles concert
- to taking me to see KISS even though you wore ear plugs
- to our small, family wedding that 300 people came to (He should have RUN AWAY from my crazy family then, huh?)
-to our 12 hour honeymoon in Nashville Motel 8,
-to our $39 beachfront weekend in Myrtle Beach
-to traversing many Civil War battlefields in the rain
-to renting a red convertible in Maui
-to renting mopeds in the Bahamas
-to hauling a Jack Daniels barrel in the back of a rented Camry and leaving a wonderful smell
-to my Hooters shirt collection and other things he bought me with that Hooters card!
-to our son who looks like you and our daughter who acts like you
- to teaching a southern girl to love bagels, light a menorah and the words to the Hanukkah prayer, and even try lox and matzo ball soup
-to dragging my ass to Florida to live- which I ended up LOVING and making me a better person for it..
-to bringing me back HOME
- and here's to making this southern girl proud that she married a Yankee boy with a weird sense of humor but a great sense of adventure......

And finally....HERE"S
-to allowing me to charge 1800 bucks on your AM EX so 7 of my favorite people and I can melt as Jon Bon Jovi and company serenade us all night!!!

I could go on and on and on listing the many adventures we have shared.
We have had such joy and heartache together.
And each year, we just get stronger.
Happy Birthday!!!


Leigh said...

12 hour honeymoon in Nashville Motel 8=$42.00 bucks

beachfront weekend in Myrtle Beach=39.00

listening to Jon Bon Jovi, Rickie Sambora, Ticco Torres and David Bryan sing their hearst out just like you were 16 yeras old again =$1800.00 (a bargain)

being maried to someone to give you many good times and more to come=priceless!

Happy Birthday!!!

(So sosososososososososooooooo sad I cannot go. Lotsa pics, Charnita! LOTS!

PS your daughter looks just like you, who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

I am slightly intrigued about the 12 hour honeymoon in a Motel 8- That just needs a little more explanation- I am sure it was fun and all- but obviously, Leigh and I were just wonderin!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

You know, after I reread that, I thought it needed further explaining......
We drove to Nashville to stay several days and it started coming a huge ice and snow storm as we drove. We got to a hotel, checked in- looked at the weather- saw that it was going to be bad for a few days- turned around and drove home.

Sorry it was not what you were expected- not what I was expecting......
we did a re-do and thus the trip to Charleston- where my husband choose the flea bag mo-tel beachside that i wore my shoes in the shower it was so SPARKLING CLEAN.
I got a proper one 5 years later- Maui.