Friday, April 25, 2008

Bentley Gray and Sweet Tea.....

I am sure you know how happy photography makes me.

Especially photographs of my children.

I have a link on the side for my favorite photographer, Bentley.
I have a wall in my house of portraits he did of my kids when they were younger.
I must get back up that way to let him do some more. He does amazing beach work at Destin for several weeks in the summer and he is amazingly talented behind the lens.
I have a 16X20 of this on canvas hanging outside the kids bedrooms....and it is my most favorite portrait of my children.
If you are like me and love to check out a great photographer's website, then check out my friend Bentley and then let him make amazing pictures of your babies or family.

He is such a great photographer and wonderful person. I was the yearbook sponsor at the high school and he was the photographer. It was such fun-- and just watching him made my love for photography blossom. Not to mention he could show me something on Photoshop that I had tried years to figure out- in mere seconds.
I love taking pictures of my children, but nothing makes me happier than SOMEONE ELSE taking great portraits of my kids because, well , I do not have to yell at them.
My daughter loves to get her picture takes, will pose and pose...all by herself.
My son, not so much.

While I was at the high school, 2 of my favorite students were twins. They were in my web page and graphic design class. We did the school web site. These twins were very creative and fun. They loved the arts, video production, theater- very talented girls.

And I knew thew were destined for greatness.

They have been to college, trained professionally at photography school, did an internship for CNN, have made music videos, photographed musical artists.....and have been living in NYC for awhile.

They are coming to photograph my family today and I am so excited!!!

They are so creative and fun and I can't wait to see them in action.

One twin is moving back to the area to work on Master's degree at that old University in Tuscaloosa. She is going to have a photography branch of their studio, Sweet Tea Photography, right here in Alabama!

Check them out and let me know if you want to get in touch with them.

I want some lessons while they are here.....

Joy & Julie are the dynamic twin sister team that make up Sweet Tea Photography. Raised in a small town in Alabama where sweet tea is the drink of choice, the twins grew up appreciating the simpler sides of life by capturing the rural landscapes and family life on their own toy cameras. They were professionally trained in photography at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. Both received Bachelor's of Arts in Communications from The University of Alabama where they studied Film Production and Theatre.
I will ask them if i can post some of their shots here as soon as they are done.

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Bentley said...

You are much too kind...and you never cease to amaze me. Hope everyone is well. Please tell the twins I said hello.

Oh...and how are you wearing your hair for the Bon Jovi concert?