Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordy Wednesday!!

Well, I finally am back to normal. Is that good or bad?
I am eating normally and feel great.
I have spring fever and have been cleaning and cleaning OUT!
Isn't there a rule that for every pair of shoes you throw out, you get to buy 2??
I had a major closet cleaning - just in time to hit Macy's today.
I only bought 1 t-shirt, 1 top and 1 pair of really cute jean shorts......No shoes. Yet.
Flirty spring dresses were everywhere. I have my eye on one for BonJovi.
I will go back alone so I can try some on.
I took Baby girl with me shopping to the Galleria and, bless her heart, she couldn't even fall asleep last night for the anticipation !
She calls it the Playhouse Disney Mall since there is a Disney Store.
Only, she opted not to go there, but instead conned me into Build-a -Bear Worshop.

She had never done it and always eagerly looks at the store next to Disney.
Since she has been so nice, I let her.
She choose a sparkly pink limited edition bear and named it aptly SPARKLES.
Sparkle's shirt says Girls Rule!

And this is a new dress she is modeling......
She got new clothes at Children's Place, to eat ChikFilet, to ride the Carousel and the Rocket ship ride.
Man, was it her day.

In other news, my son got a cool T-shirt for being in the $100 club for Crowe's Chance in China fundraiser. The project finishes up on Friday.

He also got finished with all the SAT, OLSAT and B.S.AT today. He really was sad because they have been getting long recesses and he would rather test and play longer than have a regular day. Obviously, since he got a conduct mark the first day back to normal today!

His teacher is expecting twins and will be out 1/2 the day for the rest of the year. The sub is a certified teacher and will come in at lunch. All I know is his name and that he can make cool paper airplanes that my son is so carried away with -- at recess, that is. And he is really ticked that he did not get a Build-a-Bear.
You'd think anyone old enough to get hair foils would not need to build a bear.....but you never know.
I bought new ON SALE 600 count sheets for the bed
and new cookie sheets so I can throw away our 1 ton Pampered Chef one that I have hated since I bought it.
I am burning my new tropical scents candle I bought today as well....
and life is good


Leigh said...

Whats the subs name, I wonder if it is my pal (and former principal). He told me he was subbing for a preg. teacher so I will bet so!

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HEWY said...

My daughter was suppose to get a shirt too but they didnt have her size so they have to backorder. But I love the shirt design. I hope Crowe documents his adventure for us.