Friday, April 25, 2008


It is my husband's birthday next week and he will not be here for the day, so I have a little suprise for him.

I have posted about his famous pizza here and the inspiration for it here - Lou Malnati's.
I also posted about one of my favorite spots to eat in Chicago- Portillo's.

Chicago is his home and I dare say his favorite city.

So today, delivered overnight express I will get a birthday treat for him.

Lou's Pizza and Portillo's Italian Beef !!

It is safe to tell you guys because he never reads my blog......

except when I post about hair and tells me I need job.
(And I bought him this special gift anyway??????)
So if you want to order a treat for any special occasion or just to try this wonderful Chicago fare....go to
Taste of Chicago, get out your credit card, and tomorrow- you can be eating,
pretending you are in the windy city----
minus the great shopping and the el- of course.


Dullbert said...

BRAVO !! very cool idea the Viennas are awesome too.

Leigh said...

YUM! I know he will love that! Great idea!

Leigh said...

SO???? WHat did he say/think of it?