Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Untitled Story: Has Its Own Place

Untitled Story - The Prologue

I have one sister- 15 months younger than me- and we have always been close. I guess not always.
Well, maybe we were not close when we scratched and pulled hair at 6 and 7.
Maybe we were not close at 12 and 13 when I was grounded from going to Six Flags for kicking her in the stomach and knocking the breath out of her.
Okay, maybe not close when she threw a shoe out the door at me honking the horn for her when we were going to be tardy for school at 16 and 15- which incidentally bloodied my lip.
Well, again, maybe not when we were fighting on who was taking the best curling iron on a weekend trip at 18 and 19-- and I do mean fighting (in front of both our future husbands).


  • when I backed into a car in college after drinking at a bar with a fake ID- and she paid for the damages because she was making a fortune waiting tables at Quincy's.
  • and again when she let me have her ATM card to go to the beach for a weekend when I was flat broke.
  • when she was maid of honor at my wedding and wore a horrible pink dress with a big bow
  • when I helped raise and spoil her daughter, Jessica who was born 16years ago.
  • When she, now, would take my kids home and never bring them back while teaching them every "bad word" and gesture and buying them every thing I would not dare- just in case they ever had to come home.
She is far and away my kids favorite and she is always there when I need her.
In fact, I believe she is the only person I 100% can count on anytime, anywhere for anything- no matter how important, frivolous, dangerous or illegal.
She is the meanest female I know, and I mean that in the kindest sort of way.
She has given many a tongue lashing like any proud sailor to rude customer service agents or customers who would not pay her and has given more than one person a black eye or bloodied body part- besides me.
She has the biggest, most giving heart and always, always helps the underdog, gives to the homeless on the side of the road, be it cash or several Happy Meals tossed out the window.
She says it could be an angel sent to test your faith- you never know. On at least one occasion, I know she was right about that.

I have been urging her to write her life story, because it is without reservation, the most interesting, intriguing, fun-filled and at times crushingly heartbreaking- life story I have ever heard.
Since we used to make fun of her spelling on the notes she would leave for my mom on a napkin as to her whereabouts in her teenage years, however, I am going to attempt to tell her story from my point of view.
I guess her story is a little of my story too- although as much as her story has torn my heart out with fierce emotion, made me laugh and cry- I can only imagine the emotions of the star of the story, My sister.
So as much as she thinks some of the strangers she has helped on the side of the road, in drug rehabs or through anonymous giving may be angels in disguise to test our faith, I think my own sister is an angel, be it at times a feisty, potty-mouthed, poker playing one-
sent here to help the underdogs
and fight for sometimes, those who can't fight for themselves --
or those who would have given up on
life completely and hopelessly
LONG before meeting her.
Last September marked the tragic end of the longest chapter of my sister's story-
a chapter with many, many pages- profuse happy memories and a legion of tragedy.
I can only imagine the soul-wrenching grieving process she has had as she tries to turn the page on a new chapter. I know with God's help and her indomitable spirit- she will be a stronger spirit with an amazing story to tell.

****I do not have a title for this story yet and have been trying to find the words to begin it for 6 months now. This will be a long and complex story and I hope to get her collaboration on it.
And I hope a great title will emerge.
GL- I love you! Even thought I had to go to school bruised and bloody- AND yes, thank you, TARDY!!!

I have created another blog for Untitled Story- the corroborative effort of my sister and me.
If you have not read it, Chapters one through four are completed- chronicling only 1 year in a 10 year story. If you are waiting on the next Chapter, we are working on it.
If you have not read it- head on over to the new site and begin!
It will be a long process to tell the amazing tale, even as we try to narrow and compact the story- it still needed its own space.


Leigh said...

OH! I can't wait!! What an intreging prologue.....waiting to turn the page. Enough already....lets go.....
(you are such a talented writer!)

ABBEY said...

You've been keeping a secret! I am so excited for you! All you gotta do is jump in and start writing!!! I can't wait to read .... thanks for being one of my supportive readers, too!!

Dullbert said...

ok you just joined the list of writers I am envious of, man I wish I could churned out a story like that! It's great to have someone like that especially nearby. I've got a few friends like that.. call them anytime night or day and they would be there. As the saying goes
"Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies"

Leigh said...

Cool! I will check it out!