Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thought for Thursday: Hair History 101

I have resisted the nostalgic, soul baring blast from the past post as long as I can. Let me just say that I like so many mommy bloggers I have been reading, love clothes, hair, shoes.....and changing all those things constantly.

My sister and I recently dug through old pictures- just going back 10 years and her comment was, from month to month, seeing what my hair color would be was the most fun.
I have to admit, I was blessed with tons of thick hair, or else I would be bald, needing Rogaine or wearing ball caps and wigs. Surely only thick, super duper hair could withstand the torture and re-torture and yet more torture I have inflicted on my locks.
Thus the reason I have resisted this subject.

It will be a huge chore to give you a look at all the hair styles and colors I have sported, just in the last 18 years of my married life. But I am going to attempt it. No mommy blog is complete without a hair post......
First of all, a glimpse of my mousy brown, mullet-like original hairdo- severe bangs , no artificial color (gee, I actually forgot what my real hair was......- the girl my husband married- 1989.
(I will spare you the high school years.....from Olivia Newton John headband cut to big hair and bangs- you know the usual 80's dos. I remember hairspray called Stiff Stuff being my favorite. Isn't that a lovely name?)

{Marriage must have brought out the daring side of me... or some contentment or the other. No comment, but it SHORE DID bring out some radical, frequent hair changes.}
Here we go........I will try not to skip any. (You know, being the librarian that I am, my photos are all in albums, chronologically labeled with matching Sharpie dates on the spines, neatly placed on the shelf, so organization is not the problem. Time is. Going page by page as to not miss a step in the whole ordeal is the real test.)

1990-2008: My Poor Ole Hair......

Perhaps the worst is first. For some reason, being newly married an newly certified school marm, I must have felt as though I had to fit the part, nerd up and all that. So, at least I get the worst one out of the way first. I must say, it does get better--- at times. One is a POLAROID shot. The other 2 are school photographs. Could you tell??? That necklace is a big huge gold bow....kinda like the red one in the lovely teddy bear picture of my first year teaching. Note the wonderwoman cuff watch as well. I had such fashion sense. I was going to try and refrain from commenting on each and every shot, but it will be difficult. I do not think I every got a short haircut again after this awful one.....but you will see......

I tried to include as many friends and family in this next group to take some of the attention away from myself. I am sure they will be all tickled pink to see themselves from 1992-1993.

I I discovered highlights, let it grow.....and got a PERM! ( I also had the only dog in our marriage with the perm, I guess to match my hairdo....this bichon frise was named Gabriel and his short history at our home is quite another post.) The baby above will be 16 next month..... and some of the girls are my BonJovi com padres as well. The simming nanny is in there too......

Well, I had intended to make this one post, but I am not sure you can take anymore today....nor can I. I am having!
I will try to get half way, so hang in there.
Next, I colored the perm tie-dyed colors and cut it in an Afro.

Not really. But is is better than the hideous first haircuts, I have to admit.

Next up......Librarian updo.

Brown color over blond perm=RED. I We had a fancy formal Christmas party. I think we all went to the salon and used the same color mix. And did I not know there were tanning beds????? I cut out my ex-brother in law. Sorry.
More updo- red faded to brown.

Bleached blond......

More perm. Note the matching outfits my grandmother, sister and I got out the outlets for $5!!!!

If you have hung on thus far, bless you. Hair History 101: 1990-1996. So join me for Hair History 102, up soon. I know you will be hanging on the edge of your seat.

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