Saturday, April 19, 2008

This can't be a good idea.....

Men start at an early age pushing the envelope, trying things just to see if they can. They start early and do not ever tire of living carelessly- testing the limits of any given situation. Living on the edge and living dangerously comes early to the male, much to the mother's delight.
UPDATE: My son and I were reading my blog togehter and he said
"I did this last year at school, Mom, but my head came out!"
I could list many things here that he has done....... but I won't today.....
Sometimes things do not exactly work out like planned or fit exactly as they are supposed to.

Females sometimes find this male, dangerous edge intriguing and exciting.

Sometimes.....not to much.

This is what
I like to call
Sheer Genius.

Should he be wearing a life jacket or seat belt? Or both.

Who needs a pickup truck? These must be Yankees. All southern boys have a proper truck, don't they?

Who needs
matter ?


Introducing, the new tractor mount scaffolding from Kubota. Especially for the man in your life.

Male bonding is a great thing. Friends are always eager to lend a hand in thinking up ways to get a task accomplished quickly and efficiently. Two heads are always better than one. And three? Wow!!

"You hold that metal rod next to the high voltage while I whack it with a sledge hammer while standing in a tractor".

And this last one, well it is for the ladies. Just to show that we are not perfect as well.I personally have done this- while very pregnant. Embarrassing, LOUD, and expensive.

We do not do dangerous things.....normally...

only stupid ones-- AND I AM SURE--ONLY

because we are always in a hurry to see what

predicament the men in our lives are in!

We love you guys......for all the things you do that succeed and make our lives better.....and all the things you try that may not turn out like you planned, but sure do make life more interesting.

Wait....this post sounds like Dullbert.....


Leigh said...

Very funny!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless over the swing set on the car- Unreal!

Dullbert said...

"metal rod guy" would have all the bases covered with a little lightning in the background.