Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost Gnome in Helena


I love a good game and I love gnomes.
My pal Hewy provided a gnome hunt a few months ago and sadly,I did not win.
Today is his Blog Anniversary and he sponsored another Lost Gnome of Helena hunt for the honor. I have been anxiously awaiting the next chance....
My family and I started deciphering clues last night and my husband helped me decipher the 2nd clue this morning.
I am not the greatest map reader- although I did figure out the first map, the 2nd one was all his!!!
I pulled up a Yahoo map of Helena and compared it to the first clue- deciding that the heart was on the heart of the town- the city hall/Joe Tucker park area.
My husband figured out that the clown was a Joe Tucker Map-I think upside down....
My Baby Girl and I hit Joe Tucker Park before my son's baseball game for SEARCH. I searched the whole park somewhat, but concentrated on the red area that I thought to be the small ball field. My son and husband went along for the first hunt, but just rolled their eyes at my obsession today, opting just to stay behind the scenes.
The area was large and we found NOTHIN!
Well, not nothing......

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the park- we found all kinds of critters.....but no gnome.
After an hour of searching and playing on the playground, we were off the the sports complex for a game of baseball.
My son's friend lived directly behind Joe Tucker and she said there was a little church and a tree house thing right behind her house. I gave her the maps I had printed and she was going to look too.
After my son's team WON !!! YEAH!!!!- I hurried home to check to see if the third clue was posted. It mentioned a chapel! Thanks to Jake's mom, I knew where to look!
Sally and I were off again- back to Joe Tucker, but this time, with a destination in mind. We parked at the bottom of the hill and hiked up to ''the chapel" OVERLOOKING the park, in search of a faux rock home to the gnome. We searched the whole boulder-filled area for several minutes and Sally was growing impatient.
I decided to make one last sweep, and spotted this off in the distant woods....
We walked over to the strange looking rock and Sally lifted it up to find the gnome!!!!!

She was so cute and excited.
She just kept asking who put him there and if we got to keep him.
She carried him to the car and held him all the way home.
My son and his friend showed up at the park to skateboard just as we found the gnome. To his chagrin, he got to snap a picture of his mom and sister with our prize. Don't you know he was so proud?
She is still playing with the gnome and we are trying to find a name for him.
Any Suggestions?????? Leave a comment to name him.

We treated him to some local Fraydo's pizza and he is in Baby girl's room for the night to stand guard over her bed.

I will find him a good spot in the flower bed by the front door as soon as Sally is able to part with him.

What a great day to live in Helena and what fun to share with your child.

Thanks Hewy!!

Congratulations on an anniversary of blogging. You were my first Helena blog to read and an inspiration for me to start my own. Keep us informed- and I will keep looking for you in Publix.

I may just have to do a gnome hunt of my own so you can participate in the fun.


HEWY said...


HEWY said...

How did you know gnomes love pizza! You're off to a good start!

Thank you on your kind words. Blogging is one of those strange things. I could never keep a journal/Diary but after reading someone else's blog for a few weeks, they inspire me. I hope you enjoy the gnome and it brings you good luck.

Leigh said...

Congrats Charnita! I am gald you found it. Iknow he will have a good home. I think you should name him Hewy.

Kimberley Jacks said...

I think you should name the gnome "Tucker" since he was found at Joe Tucker. Just a thought! :o)

jennifer said...

Congratulations on finding the gnome!! I am so happy for you.

Be blessed.


HotRod said...

And since he's in Helena his last name should be Penhale. Isn't everyone's?

Tucker Penhale....

Nana of 3 said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with gnome!!!