Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol- WHAT?

I have never been so shocked to see a results show as tonight.

Michael Johns!!! No way.

I kept thinking it was a mistake. The whole thing was weird.

Leave no talent Kristy Leigh and run of the mill Whitney Wannabe Syesha on there, sure and take out the performer who has performed well week after week, is original, is nice.....

Even Carly should have gone before Michael with her several times missing the mark.

Let's protest!!!

Let's email.

He was not my favorite, but he was not the bottom in my opinion.

I guess 31 million votes must have told a different story....

On another note, Shout to the Lord is one of my all time favorite Contemporary Christian songs, dating back to my old hometown church days. I loved the Idol's rendition of it and will be downloading it from iTunes!


Linda said...

Oh, so many are going to agree with you. I post about AI every week. This is my first visit here, via Big Mama. I LOVE the background of your blog. Anyway, I agree with you here. Kristy Lee has Sanjaya staying power or something.

Leigh said...

Have I told you that I like your new look?