Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

I have so many ideas for posts that I am working on, but just can't seem to focus on one today.
My daughter went home with my sister and brother to spend the night so it has been very quiet and productive. I have to say I do miss her. The family took Sally because I had to go to the doctor today. I get treatment every 6 weeks for my previously discussed medical condition, IV- 4 hours of reading Cosmo. I call it my spa day- well minus the needles.

It is a beautiful spring-like day. My son and his friends just packed a lunchbox full of food to go to their fort in the woods. I recall doing the same thing. Building forts, whitling sticks, digging holes. My son is an outdoorsy, country-living kind of guy. I never have to worry about him curling up in front of the TV or video game or computer for very long...unless it is after dark and I make him come in. So he is loving the sunshine.

My dad, PawPaw, is taking Baby Girl out to dinner and them meeting me half way between our houses to bring her home to me. I believe I have said that I loved living in Florida. Well I did, so much.....but surely know that God knew I would need to be close to my family and moved me back to Sweet Home just in time.
I am so thankful. I have had sickness, hospital, surgeries since July and my sister has had terrible tragedy in her life for well, several years, culminating in a horrible event for her and our entire family in September.
Things are looking up for us all and we were ready to get 2007 gone and have a fresh 2008 to go with!! And so far, so good!!
I mailed my valentine exchange gift off to my partner today. I had a good time shopping for her but could have spent a fortune. It is the thought and suprise that is fun, though. I just bought stuff I would like to have!!
I love the blogging world and have met so many "friends" already that are enriching my life.
And it is so theaputic for me. I used to write all the time and just lost the urge.
It is returning.....
So today, I am thankful for:
My husband, who works hard to make our life great and always has...
and who bought me BonJovi tickets, Jeff Dunham tickets, my wonderful new laptop... Not that buying is happiness.....but it is fun. I guess he really spoils me and I am so used to it that I do not see it sometimes...I will have to remember that.
He says I am high maintenance and looking back on that sentence, I have to agree.
I love him more today than when I met him 25 years ago while I was drinking wine coolers in a driveway of a party in a miniskirt. (Although, I think I loved him then too....)
My children and their enjoyment of their childhood.
My family who is so supportive and loving and just plain fun.
My old friends and their varied personalities, quirks and lives.
My new friends, real and bloggers, and getting to know them better.


Leigh said...

I hope the day went ok for you. Prayers lifted.

Parisian at Heart said...

I hope your day went well. I will be sending off your swap package tomorrow...not enough time today.

eghopper said...

Whoa. When you met Al he was drinking wine coolers and wearing a miniskirt?!?!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Sorry....fixed the grammar nanny.
Misplaced modifier.