Friday, February 22, 2008

Favorite Spot Friday

Favorite Spot Friday: Guntersville, AL
We built our home in Guntersville in 1999.

It sat on the edge of the mountain overlooking the lake. This was the view from the house- all huge windows across the back.

It was kind of like waking up on vacation every day.

The extra curvy roads leading up to our house were not unlike the roads in Gatlinburg- a bit scary but fun. Guntersville is a small town with lots of character.

My favorite eating spot was Covington's Cafe. Reese and Julia Covington owned this wonderful place, featuring wonderfully fresh salads, sandwiches and desserts. My FAVORITE thing was the Towne Tea!!! In fact, I may have to drive up and get a gallon to go.

The Blue Parrot has awesome Apple Martinis and was directly below my house at Covenant Cove Resort. I could sit on my screened in porch and hear the music. We used to joke and say we needed to put in a sky lift from our neighborhood down to the lake.

Some SATURDAY mornings, the Bass Master's tournaments would kick off at the marina directly below our house. Talk about loud!! All those boats cranking out to catch fish at sunrise!

We always had plenty of wildlife to look at. Eagles sometimes flew overhead---but they were hard to spot. There was always the flock of "big Birds" my son watched all the time-- some kind of hawks. We had raccoons- although that was not a good thing as I had to get a little pellet pistol just for them- a cute, fat groundhog that lived in back on the side of the bluff, a red fox that ran through early in the mornings, deer and the wayward coyotes as well. My Dad had a boat and we would ride out toward the dam. We would see turtles, snakes, bats- in "the bat cave" on the way out and big fish.
I have to say that I do like living in a more populated area after I have become used to it, but some of my favorite memories
are in that beautiful home
atop the amazing mountain
in the quiet little town
of Guntersville.


Leigh said...

I'd move up there in a heartbeat. LOVE IT! You were lucky to grow up like that.

Abbey Road -- said...

We have it all planned for our retirement (at age 62 no less) - our home in Helena will be paid for, we'll sell it and take that money and move to the lake, buy a pontoon, and live out our golden years having the kids up and giving them a play haven. I am a water rat - I love lake water. If I don't do another thing, I WILL live on the lake before I die!! Funny story - we were at Smith with friends and way, WAY off we saw what looked like a hundre little ants spread out and coming in our direction on the water. It was the bass tourny and as they got closer, I started humming out loud the theme from the helicopters in Apocolypse Now - it was hysterial b/c that's what it reminded me of.