Thursday, February 28, 2008

Five for Friday

My contribution to enriching your LEAP DAY Friday.....

1. Learn a new word today. Here are some for you-
temerarious \tem-uh-RAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective:Recklessly or presumptuously daring; rash.
If you know that one....
menagerie \muh-NAJ-uh-ree; -NAZH-\, noun:1. A collection of wild or unusual animals, especially for exhibition.2. An enclosure where wild or unusual animals are kept or exhibited.3. A diverse or varied group.
And if you know that one....
lacuna \luh-KYOO-nuh\, noun;plural lacunae \luh-KYOO-nee\ or lacunas::1. A blank space; a missing part; a gap.2. (Biology) A small opening, depression, or cavity in an anatomical structure

If you know those 3, you don't really need to learn a new one anyway. Good for you!
(Hey!! Spell check didn't even know knew 2 and 3.)

2. Write down a story from your life that you may not have told anyone or that you would like to pass on.

3. Write a poem.

My son and I have been reading Shel Silverstein this week- Where the Sidewalk Ends. His poems are so funny! My son read 25 pages without stopping. These little poems prove that poems do not have to be profound or even rhyme.....just engage the reader on some level.
My husband had never heard of Shel.....if you haven't, look him up. And read The Giving Tree, too. I forget, I grew up in the home of an English teacher. If you are missing Shel Silverstein, their is a big lacuna in your reading material. He will get your kids to enjoy poetry.

O.K....I guess my Langauge Arts affinity is shining on those first we will change gears......

4. Buy a bird feeder and watch the birds.

We bought one this weekend and the birds found in in 2 days. Now I can watch the big ones try to knock the little ones off of it all day long. Such fun.

Good for the birds....hours of entertainment.

5. Buy your kids Shrek Push-Ups Fruity Sherbet Swirls by Nestle.
And share them.....
They are wonderful. An excellent Source of Vitamin C and only 80 calories. Of course, that is only if you eat one (1)....not five. (5).


Abbey Road -- said...

Knowledge is power! Loved the new words ... may I use them? I will definitely be writing about moi some time today! This was a great post - enjoyed it!!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Someone must have read my post and bolted to Publix, because they are all out of Shrek Pushups this week.