Saturday, February 16, 2008

Favorite Spot Friday ( on Saturday, a little late)

I Love Chicago ! I love to go there to shop and eat.

So in honor of my Valentine day Swap Partner, my husband's birthplace....and in honor of being able to think of food today .....I salute 2 of the places we bring a cooler to and carry on food for the trip home !

Portillo's has the greatest ROAST BEEF SANDWICH EVER!! Italian Beefs with drippy, yummy "gravy" to we southerners...... My husband always gets the sandwich and the Chicago Style hot dog because he can never choose. If you have never had the pleasure of going to Chicago and do not plan on getting there anytime soon, you can order party packs online, which we have done several times and have it delivered straight to your door. Portillo's has a website with a menu and ordering details. One of my favorite places to eat after a long day of shopping !

The next place is in the suburbs - Skokie, my hubbys old stomping ground--and we always go to this wonderful deli to take home bagels, corned beef and many other delicious treats. My husband's family used to frequent this place when he lived there and it is still there and still delicious!!
I was amazed to find a website for them as well, Kaufman's Deli.
Now, I don't know a whole lot about Jewish food, but I can tell you that what I have tasted is DELICIOUS!!! (Except for the lox.....) We always get the corned beef, a huge fresh pickle, many kinds of fresh bagels, and some wonderful deserts to bring back home.
We always go to the grocery store and get poppy-seeded buns, Jay's chips and Vienna Hot Dogs.....all not readily available at the local stores here.
Combine the food with all the great things to do and Chicago ranks high on my list of favorite places.
We need to get back soon!!!!
Just in the SUMMER!!!!!


Leigh said...

Cool!. will try this out!

Parisian at Heart said...

I love Portillos but I have never tried that Deli. I went to college around there - I can't believe I missed it! I'll have to go sometime soon.

And you are right about coming in the summer - its 4 degrees out right now.