Thursday, February 21, 2008

Five for Friday

5. Work a puzzle of some kind. Stretch your brain.
I enjoy MahJong- the tile game. There is even a version on Webkinz. They say it helps keep you young to exercise the brain. See, Webkinz is not bad for grown ups. It keeps you young, HONEY.

4. Watch an old home movie/DVD.
I love watching the Kids' movie from when they were born.
I have our wedding too, but do not crank that out very often. Several years ago I converted all of our videos to DVDs, edited them, added photos, titles, menus - the was a time-consuming process but so worth it. Priceless memories.

3. Send your mother a card and pictures in the mail just because. She will love the suprise. What mother wouldn't??? I am sure your Mom has done plenty of nice things for you as mine has for me....

2. Paint your little girl's fingernails and toenails.....if you have a little girl. Mine likes to have a spa day- get in the big jacuzzi tub, trim hails, paint nails, fix hair. If you do not have a little girl, have a spa day yourself.

----Speaking of Spa days- my swap partner sent me some of the most heavenly scented lavender bath salts. I sneaked in the bathroom and filled the tub up with the hottest water I could. I got in, closed my eyes and relaxed.
3.2.1...."Mom! What is that good smell??? Oh the water is so soft and smells so good. Can I get in?????" Rewind. Replay in 5 minutes.
Lavender bath salts. 2 kids. What better way to end the day? (says the patient mother in me.....)
Well- HOW ABOUTALONE in the lavender bath would have been nice!!!!

1. Go out to dinner somewhere fun. That's right. Don't cook or clean up this Friday night.....

I love Mexican, my son loves does my husband. Of course... My daughter likes McDonalds. Of course.
Anywhere will do....well almost.
Maybe, Let Mom pick.

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