Friday, February 8, 2008

Favorite Spot Friday

I have too many favorite spots and too many pictures! I have been looking for a favorite spot photo for today and my mind keeps going to food today-- well most days, but today especially.
I have been missing some things about living in Florida really bad this winter- since I had not had winter in several years......
Aside from the weather, the beaches and the unlimited list of things to do, the next thing I miss is the FOOD.
My favorite spot today is a simple one.

Every Saturday- almost for 3 years.....we had the same thing for breakfast.
No, not healthy. But OH SO GOOD.
My husband would get up while the rest of us slept ( ---I know, He is a keeper, but don't tell him I said so.....) and go right to the corner and bring home breakfast.
Dunkin Donuts.. He got a whole warm dozen and we ate them all.....mostly chocolate varieties.
My daughter would even retrieve the box from the trash when empty to scrape for left over icing.
And their French Vanilla much better and cheaper than Starbucks.

So that brings me to the next question.
Why do we have no Dunkin Donuts here????
Not just Helena, but as far as iI can tell, the Birmingham area. Come to think of it do not recall seeing one in Alabama at all. I am in the process of researching it and will find out.

In the meantime, that is my favorite spot for today.

Dunkin Donuts, Oldsmar FL.

And I am sure my baby girl would agree.

Update....I researched. There are no Dunkin Donuts in Alabama. There is a franchising option open to the Birmingham area. Anyone interested in franchising one for the corner and tearing the old bank building by the new me. ....or Go here. Franchising is a 7 step long, complicated, process....Maybe why there isn't one.

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