Friday, February 22, 2008

Old TV Shows

As I thought of HR PufnStuf, I also thought about the Osmonds cartoon.
I had a coloring book of the series. I remember it so clearly!

My mother took me to see the Osmonds in Concert. I still have the concert program.
Later in life, I had Donnie and Marie Barbie Dolls dressed in purple outfits.
I wish I had kept some of these things.


Leigh said...

My first concert was the BeeGees. I have most of my old concert programs. I wonderf if I still have it.

HEWY said...

1. I love Rankin and Bass productions from the Christmas special to their Hobbit movie.

2.Who the heck is Jimmy. Was he really an Osmond or was he like the scappy doo to the Scooby?

3. I can't share your love of HR Pufnstuf. It gave me nightmares along with Sleestaks ;)

HEWY said...

Still Great video! It brings back some wonderful memories!