Friday, February 8, 2008

Five for Friday

1. Learn Something new today.
This is not hard. Pick a subject. Type it in on, my favorite search engine. Read. There you go. Then, there are great instructional videos in YouTube on so many subjects. I have learned some really advanced cool Photoshop tips from PhotoshopMama who graciously shares her knowledge freely in very nice screen shot videos with step by step guidance.
2. Plan a vacation.
Long, short, day trip or 2 week trip.... It doesn't have to be for right now. It just gives you something to look forward to.
3. Take an art class. I am about to take my first tomorrow.
(Thanks, Leigh!!!) Should be interesting since my artistic talent stops when I take my hands off a camera or computer. I don't think you are ever too old to try something new, so I guess this is an extension on #1- learn something new. Although I have been singing since my recent American Idol obsession and my family tells me I should not try to learn that particular skill for some reason.
4. Start writing down your childhood memories.
They are too soon forgotten. Your kids may not want to hear them now, but they will one day, and you may not remember them anymore. I think I will forget the one that involved local law enforcement, explosives and a mailbox.
5. Go to Yahoo Videos.
Watch the Carrie Underwood video, "Before He Cheats". It is hilarious. Sorry guys, it really is. Note the smashed up pickup shot close to the end. I have shown my son this video for future reference. Hell hath no fury, and all that.
(Watch the Bon Jovi ones too, WHILE YOU ARE THERE... to see the evolution of John from 80's hair band man to sexy 40- something. I love him....CAN YOU tELL???)

Happy, Happy Friday.

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Leigh said...

I am so lookin gforward to the artclass!
IN the memoreis thing. I am obsessed with writing down stuff from my childhood as well as my parents, inlaws and grandparents. It can so easily be lost, as in the case of Toms grandma with alzheimers. Fortunatley many years ago I gave all a book (including me) and had everyone fill them out, saying it was a gift to my children (use whatever bribery or guilt will force them to do it) becasue it is a gift! I think the boosk were called, "grandma remembers, mother remembers, etc. Wonderful. I will try and think to show you.