Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cute things kids say- Courtesy of My Son's Baby Book

My son called binoculars "occucameras".

He called taxi's-- tackies- and would point to a beat up car or a painted, "fixed-up" car.....I pointed to one once and commented that it was tacky. So he was confused.

He called ants- "Jo's" because his aunt's name was Jo.

Called chanukah -Harmonica.

Tries to be politically correct- calls African Americans, Native Americans

Called Scissors, electrical outlets, and bugs "biteyous"

Called Pickles "Frogs"

Said his favorite food was chicken, not real chicken with faces that live in a barnyard, but the kind you EAT.

Called the ATM the money station, as opposed to the gas station

----He is almost 9 now.....They grow up so fast.


Leigh said...

those are so sweet!

Abbey Road -- said...

Those are precious memories! I have a few myself. My son couldn't say Christie (his sister) so he said kunka, and paw paw was coco. He heard us refer to "the van down there" and from then on he called the van "thevandander" ... my niece always heard people say "not too much" when someone was serving their plate, so when her mom would make her plate, she'd always say "I want too much"! LOL!

Michelle said...

Awww Charnita! My oldest son called sunglasses "shankies" and we still call them that.. He rolls his eyes now.. Hes 17 and too cool for that now.. lol