Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Reflections of the Weekend

We had a busy and nice weekend at our house.

My son, Mr. Social, had a friend to spend the night Friday night, had Tae Kwon Do and baseball on Saturday, went to another friend's house Saturday night and had a friend over Sunday afternoon. I will never see him when he is a teenager. I asked him why he was so popular. He said because he was cool!

It was FREEZING Saturday and a rather nice SPRINGY day yesterday. Baby girl posed in her new spring, Easter bonnet at the park yesterday.

Sally had a friend over and went to another one's house too. She loves Sunday School but thinks her brother should not be allowed to go because he gets to go to school. He gladly said he would trade with her and SHE could go to school.

I told Sally that we would go to the public library today and get new books. She was all excited until I got to the part where we had to keep the books for awhile in a special library book bag so as not to get them mixed up with our own books because we had to return them for some more new ones..... RETURN THEM???? No thanks, she said. "I had rather just go to the bookstore so we can keep them."

Sunday, at church, the pastor- I say the pastor and not our pastor yet- because we haven't joined this church- only visit regularly- spoke on the changing of water into wine. I have never heard the story explained quite like he did it.

Mary was the main focus of the story- and how it was her role to give her son to the world- in birth and in life. Mary presented Jesus, the transformer of water to wine, of law to grace, and of death to life, to the world at this wedding in Cana. I think of her role as a human mother and it breaks my heart. She gave her son-- as did God.

Her son and Holy God, Jesus changed water to wine- and changed the world.

By changing the sacrificial,purifying water of the Jewish law to the joyous, fine wine of His love and forgiveness, he changed 180 gallons of sin and guilt to gallons of abundant, extravagant grace and love.

He took what was good and pure and made it even better. Made it joyous....

Is our life good? Is it joyous? Is it full of abundant, extravagant love and grace?

It should be. As we approach this time of Easter and spring, we should renew our spirits and refresh our lives.

Be thankful for the rich,

blessing-filled lives we have.

And for the sweet,

abundant wine

of the Lifegiver.


Abbey Road -- said...

What a beautiful interpretation of the body and blood of Christ. I enjoyed reading that. Your baby girl looks just like her Mama - both are really pretty!!!

Leigh said...

That was so moving Charnita. Very well told. I appreciate you sharing that!
That pic of your daughter is so precious. She looks just like you!