Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old friends are the best!!

"There is no security quite as comfortable and undemanding as the kind you feel among old friends."

I had lunch and a wonderful afternoon visit with a friend of mine that I worked with as a cashier at Food World in high school and college! I met him 23 years ago and we were great friends for 5 years or so. We have tried to keep in touch, but I have only seen him 2 times or so in the last 18 years.
We reconnected via the myspace world and ended up only living 5 miles apart or so.
It was a wonderful relaxing time- just like I had seen him every day since we met.
Isn't that the definition of a true friend?
His home is beautiful and of course, you know I too my camera along for the ride.

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Leigh said...

JUST like you. Cute as a button!