Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

Well, I do hate to complain first thing Monday morning, but Friday evening, I was really, well.... pissed.
My son was beginning a Brazilian Ju Jitsu Class and it was Friday night at his Tae Kwon Do studio in Pelham- 7 miles away. (He is almost a 2nd Degree Black Belt in TKD already!!!)
We always leave 30-40 minutes prior to class time because with traffic, it can take that long and they can't participate if they are late. So we left at 5:30. I could not even get out of my sub-division. Traffic was backed up as far as I could see. So we get in the line to go on 52 towards Helena to go to Pelham. We wait and wait and wait and wait.....
I am not happy and, unfortunately my deteriorating mood and language show it.
By 6:00 we have NOT EVEN made it to the red light.
I turn around and head home, furious that my son has missed the first class of the new curriculum.
Why, you may ask???
Some smart person
somewhere decided
that the best time to pave the parking lot
of the new Walgreen's would be
between 5 and 6 PM
on Friday.
A policeman was working the red light by hand so that the paving equipment could get out in the middle of the road.
Now, I am not a civil engineer, nor do I work for the department of transportation, but I can figure out that this was not the opportune time to pave the *&^%$# (frickin chicken) parking lot. So there you go- my complaint for the day.
I feel better. Well a little.....I still want to call someone and complain. And I may.

The rest of the weekend was quite nice.
I have not really done a restaurant review on my blog, but we ate at a new place on Sunday that was so heavenly!
My children spent the night with a friend (also quiet heavenly!) and after retrieving them, we drove around in the sunshine, looking around. An unplanned adventure- no camera!!!!! We stumbled upon:

Bluff Park Diner
591 Shades Crest Rd Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 824-4320
I am, however, banana pudding engineer-- and I have to say this is probably the best I have ever had----except for my grandmother's.
Granted, the meal was great too, but when I saw the pudding, I didn't even order a plate- I just shared with my daughter so that I could eat the pudding.
She did want to share the pudding with me then- and she literally took her fingers and scraped the bowl. And truth be told, since no one else was in the restaurant hence it was past closing time, so did I! My husband rolled his eyes at my gluttony.....
They have a buffet Barbecue on Sundays until 2:30 and we slid in the door a little after 2.
My son devoured a plate of wonderful looking ribs and the Barbecue sauce was heavenly.
My son is a meat and potato man, and the sides did not please him. They even brought him out some fries! Homemade mac and cheese, potato salad and baked beans were all good. My husband got the pork plate and said it was delicious as well. They had run out of chicken or I would have tried it....I am not much on meat, but i did sample the shredded pork and it was good. Although I got mostly sauce!
Now the place was not cheap, but I have to say, I was worth every penny to lick that pudding bowl alone!
I can't believe I have no pictures to post with this.....What is wrong with me?????


Leigh said...

Try out the place across the street too, Tip Top Grill. Great burgers as well as breakfast! And the view is gorgeous.
That is my old stomping grounds. I grew up about 2 miles from that place.

Leigh said...

OH! And I have to say, be CERTAIN to next time pop into Sisters Two next door. She is one of my Bff's. She has great gift items as well as good quick make foods. (AND many times samples!!) YUM!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Actually, we were headed to the Tip Top and they were not open on Sunday. We went over and checked out the view after we ate.
I saw the Sisters place and thought I had heard you girls talk about it when we met.....I will go back there soon I am sure.

Dullbert said...

Paving the frickin chicken parking lot ? now I'm pissed! I was caught in that mess also, I always try to stay cool by reminding myself that while I'm moaning about traffic someone could be fighting for their life after some horrible accident, when it's not some horrible accident then I can rant. Someone with the city should have just said NO that's not when you're going to do that. I'm writing a letter to the internet !!!