Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jeff Dunham at the Alabama Theater

If you know who Jeff Dunham is, you will be envious!

We have tickets to see him at the Alabama Theater next week!
We bought the tickets at Christmas and I hadn't realized it was coming up so FAST.
He is SO FUNNY- my favorite comedian.
My husband, sister, niece, Aunt and my sister's friend are going.
I can't wait.

If you do not know who Jeff Dunham is, here is a sample.
He has several characters and they are all great. Walter the grumpy old man is funny and reminds me of my Dad. I told him he is so cheerful he needs to be a Greeter at Walmart.
There are lots of clips posted if you want to watch more.
I let my son watch one of the cleaner clips- which was still a mistake-- and he is so mad that he can't attend.

It is definitely ADULT HUMOR.

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