Friday, March 28, 2008

Books from Blogging!!!!

Have I said that I loved Blogging?
I get great personal satisfaction form rekindling my love of writing from blogging.
I have made great friends and have gotten lots of good stuff in my short 3 months in the blogosphere.

I got an email from a book rep,(Valerie M. Russo
Hachette Book Group USA)
the publisher of this book- Free Food for Millionaires- by Min Jin Lee.
- It won many awards last year when it came out in Hardcover.
The email asked if I would like to receive advance copies of books to review for my site. I replied, of course- I am a semi-retired librarian and I love to it was an easy answer.

This book comes out in paperback April 2008 and I got an advanced copy of it via UPS today to read! So exciting. The paperback version has a different cover than the hardcover, which is shown at the bottom of post.


The author has a book event scheduled on April 22nd at the Alabama Booksmith at 6:00pm.
(I believe the rep found my blog after I went to the Mary Kay Andrews signing and reviewed her books...)

I just finished 2 James Patterson novels this week that I hope to review soon- and will start this one momentarily.

Free Food for Millionaires
by Min Jin Lee
Casey Han's four years at Princeton gave her many things, 'But no job and a number of bad habits.' Casey's parents, who live in Queens, are Korean immigrants working in a dry cleaner, desperately trying to hold on to their culture and their identity. Their daughter, on the other hand, has entered into rarified American society via scholarships. But after graduation, Casey sees the reality of having expensive habits without the means to sustain them.
As she navigates Manhattan, we see her life and the lives around her, culminating in a portrait of New York City and its world of haves and have-nots.

FREE FOOD FOR MILLIONAIRES offers up a fresh exploration of the complex layers we inhabit both in society and within ourselves.

Inspired by 19th century novels such as Vanity Fair and Middlemarch, Min Jin Lee examines maintaining one's identity within changing communities in what is her remarkably assured debut.

I will let you know what I think about it soon.......