Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Spot Friday

Ka'anapali Beach
Maui, HI
Ka'anapali Beach Club by Embassy Suites
Maui is probably my favorite destination that we have visited, although I am hard pressed to pick between any of the tropical locations I have been blessed enough to travel.
Let me just say that when we used to travel a lot- before kids-
we took turns picking the destinations.
After picking a Civil War Battle Field Tour from Virginia to Pennsylvania-
obviously not my planning, but my loving husband- although I look to be so enjoying myself in the rain poncho at Antietam.
I was so delighted when my turn came around again.
Actually He wanted to go to Maui as well.....
It it was so breathtakingly beautiful.
We rented a red convertible for the week and just relaxed We took a helicopter tour of the Island that culminated in a champagne toast on the volcano base. I think that is what was so amazing about the island--The diversity of landscape.
From volcano to barren, desert-like mountainous regions, to tropical rainforest's lush vegetation. There were waterfalls, crystal blue swimming holes at the bottom and flowers everywhere!!! I remember the air smelled so fresh- a mixture of the sweet floral plants and the sea. The roads were very remote and curvy. I remember the concierge telling us that to drive to a spot on the other side of the island, which was not far mileage-wise- would take 6 hours. (Thus the splurge on the heli tour!)
The beach was a little weird, containing volcanic rock, making the sand a mixture of tan and black- not the pristine white of the Gulf Coast that I was used to. But the waves were amazing and whales could be spotted swimming right off the coast.
And if you didn't mid paying $60 for lunch and a fortune for gas and the hotel room- it was the perfect vacation spot. ( As I said, at that time- no kids!!)
Our room was huge, luxurious so cozy-- and all the hotel was open-air.
The best buffet breakfast was served poolside and because of the time change, we were there at 5:00, READY TO EAT! Fresh pineapple just seemed to taste better poolside at sunrise in Maui.Go Figure.
Maui was not very commercialized- not like the strip at Panama City or anything.
The had a Hard Rock, but it was in a small local-looking building. Even the shopping areas selling the trinkety souvenirs were true to the style of the island- many market style.
I discovered the best line of lotions and body products. At that time, it was a small local store. All products are made there in Maui.
Since then they have modernized and have a website.
The have the freshest smelling, most wonderfully indulgent lotions and body butters that I HAVE EVER experienced- and I have a hangup about lotions- I have tried millions. My favorite is the Mango-Coconut.
I used to have to call the Long distance number on the bottle and now it is just a click away. Gotta love the Internet!!
So today, in my sweat clothes, as I pack lunches and fix breakfasts and take for haircut appointments and do laundry- I am so thankful for my kids, sure.
But what I wouldn't give for another 7 days in MAUI without them!!!!!
And some Mango Coconut Body Butter.
Oh, wait. I am going to order some now.

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