Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Reflections of the Weekend: Sofa Crashing

Well, it was a very cold weekend with only a dusting of snow. Just enough for my son to make muddy snowballs and mess up about 4 sets of clothing- my husband says men do not have outfits.
I hibernated all day Saturday and Sunday until the sun came out and it warmed up.
I did have my new book and a nice fire to keep me happy. I finished the book last night and it was fabulous. I will write a full review soon, but I truly enjoyed passing the frigid temps with my latest read by my current favorite- Mary Kay.

It was strange because I began the book CRASHING on the couch an Saturday- and finished it yesterday in a lawn chair soaking up some sunshine in the driveway watching the children play outdoors.

My son has had a BB gun- camouflaged rifle, no less since he was 3. Yes, 3.

My father has so many funny tales about finding things in the road.
I guess he is very observant, but has found a new chainsaw, several ball gloves and, yes, my son's BB gun.

He gave it to my son when he was 3 and we put it up and hid it soon after that!
We moved with it 3 times and finally on Saturday afternoon, he was finally able to shoot it.
I, the protective Mama Bear, still do not want him to grow up, but all the other boys in the neighborhood got theirs out and had targets and were shooting in the woods beside us. A father on the street did a gun safety lesson with them. We went to the sporting goods store and bought varmint targets- yes really- and they nailed them to trees and shot at them. Great, southern boy outdoor fun.

My father's funniest story about finding things in the road entails a sofa- a couch.
He was traveling between Atlanta and Orlando and was on the Interstate.
An annoying driver was right on his bumper and had been following annoyingly close for quite awhile. (Don't we all know the feeling?) My father, whom I have already said is very observant, saw a large object in the lane ahead. As he approached, he could see a sofa had fallen off of some one's pickup into the traffic. He looked in his rear view mirror, seeing the friendly motorist glued to his rear end. He proceeded to speed up, staying in the sofa-filled lane. As soon as he had time to jump into the other lane without giving the other friendly motorist the chance- he did. The tailgating motorist CRASHED the sofa, full force with stuffing- a-flying and pulled off into the emergency lane to recover from the shock. Yes, I guess it could have been dangerous- but wasn't- and has made for a hilariously amusing tale that we make him tell now and then.
Gives a
whole new meaning
to sofa crashing


Abbey Road -- said...

We recently returned home after dark and saw a box sitting in our gutter, where we put our brush for pickup. Hubby went to get it and it was a BRAND NEW Craftsman car jack and jackstands .... we still don't know where it came from ... how nice!!

Leigh said...

That take about your dad is soooo funny! I am sure that may of us would love to have that feeling of -"now see what happens when you drive like an idiot?" to be seen through the rear view mirror.

My mom is like you Dad. She has to pick up anything that resembles anything. Be sure and search my blog for "transmission" and you will see what she came up with one time. Not good. She ended up haing to talk to the cops. But if there is a hammer, a screwdriver, tire gage, etc. she is stopping to get out and retrieve her "treasure". My Dad and I have long given her a hard time of it. Imgaine what could be unearthed if we sent my mom and your dad out on the road for a day! LOL!