Friday, March 14, 2008

Five for Friday

1. Find something you are passionate about and do it. I used to be passionate about lots of things and I am getting there again. Sometimes we lose our self in the daily thing called life- try not to.
2. Have lunch with an old friend and dinner with a new one. We did that this week and it was nice. Old friends are a comfort -- and new ones are a challenge and refreshing.
3. Enjoy SPRING!!! Bask in it's renewing warmth.
4. Take a long walk.
5. Did I already say enjoy spring?????? Ok, well then do it twice.
I am going to visit family, my sister for one - for the kids to be spoiled, and me to work on my story. (My father, brother, nieces and nephews and I have rendezvous planned with old friends as well....)
Then to my mom's at the beach.....
I plan on taking lots of pictures and writing lots.
I will be back soon.
I know you will by anxiously awaiting my return for more installments.
(I can't wait to color eggs when we get home...)
Happy Friday and Happy Spring Break!!!!

1 comment:

ABBEY said...

I'm headed to the lake after an early departure from work, so I'll be having dinner with someone special, taking a long walk, and enjoying the peace of the water and nature, even if it is raining, we have cover and it we be sooooooo cozy!