Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beaching It: Spring Break Adventure #3-CANCELLED

The beach portion of our adventure was supposed to begin today- at my Mom's in Gulf Shores.
She called yesterday to say that the riptides were worse than ever- all beaches were under red flag and some under "double red flag". They had 7 near drownings and 1 fatality.
She said the life guards and coast guards had been on TV to warn people to stay out of the water.
And my son is quite the adventuresome spirit.
GranGran did not want me bringing my little dare devil anywhere near the water and asked us to come another time- as much as she wanted to see the kids.
She said the roads were so congested since no one could be at the beach that it would not be a good vacation for us.
So we are home.
At least I am.
My son has spent the night with a friend last night and has been home, changed clothes and is gone to another friends for the day and night tonight. When he is 16, I will never see him.
So I am home, forced to shop.
And color Easter eggs- which I LOVE.
I went yesterday and did Easter shopping and bought 3 kinds of egg kits and 2.5 dozen eggs.
I can't wait. I have colored eggs every year since my son was 9 months old.
My niece came home from my sister's with me and we hit the Galleria last night and are hitting Brookwood Mall today.
It is Macy's ONE DAY SALE, you know.
Jess got a $138 pair of jeans for $22.50 last night. Who doesn't love that??? And I got the new Victoria's Secret BIO Fit bra. Here I am modeling it for you. Only mine is black and ....well I don't look like this.

Not on sale, of course, but so nice. I got a coupon for a free pair of BIO Fit panties when the hit the store next month. I am not sure exactly what the BIOfittness will do for you in the pantie version, but you better believe I will try it out.

And Baby Girl got to go the then Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- what she used to call Disney World when we lived so close and has now been reduced to using that term to define the Disney Store . She did get lots of surprises and was very happy to come on a big girl shopping trip.
So while the beach would have been fabulous, we will have to wait until a better weekend.

For now, I will buy things, color eggs and blog.
I will be all Bio Fit and
Sally will sport her new Princess panties
Hurry and get it before it is back in the vault.

Could be worse.


Leigh said...

Oh, wow. I blogged the other day about you being gone to the beach. But like you I have heard it was bad. I am glad you have found some fun things to do instead.
Really, Charnita, the modeling comapny requires permission to use any of my modeling shots. It's ok though, I will not tell. (smile).
Let me know if the bra works. I need something that is comfy and utility at the same time. I have one bra I like. I HATE to go bra shopping. I have spent both little and to much on bras and cannot find but one that I like. HATE it. Rather go to the GYNo.

ABBEY said...

I never have understood people ignoring those red flags! There were two deaths in one week when we were in Gulf Shores a while back and it just really put us on a bummer.

Oh you are soooo sex-eee in your brassiere!! I buy all mine at VS cause I'm, uh, top heavy? And I've bought at Penney's and Sears, and believe me, it just ain't the same!!

Glad you're home!!