Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol- and Drugs

This was the best night of AI so far for me.

I have to say that David Cook has been my very favorite every week and last night he was incredible. Billie Jean as a rock song. Who'd a thought???? (My pick so far.)

Michael Johns was amazing as well.
Lucky for him that song was in his birth year.
Who doesn't love We are the Champions!! ( He is my son's pick so far.)

I am not much a fan of the ladies, but I guess Carly was my favorite.
I love the Total Eclipse song and thought she did OK with it.
Brook's got my 2nd place vote with her soulful piano playing performance of Every Breath You Take. ( Love the song as well.)

Although Kristy Lee did a little better this week,
If they do not get her off there soon, I may just die!!! I can't stand her.
I agree with Simon, she is a Stepford wife robot, albeit a patriotic one after singing God Bless the USA.

Must Go:
Kristy Lee Cook- STOP THE TORTURE. I have wanted her to go for 3 weeks.
Ramiele Malubay- I am just tired of her mediocrity. And perkiness.
Chickizie- although he is very sweet and I don't want him to go back to being a TSA luggage inspector, he is forgettable. And singers like him are a dime a dozen is lounge acts- jut my opinion.
Does the tour come to Birmingham???

On a side note, I took medication last night before bed and it always makes me have weird dreams.
I can not, repeat, can not sing.
I dreamed that I was on Idol.
It was show time and I had not even picked out a song.
We were in my old hometown and Simon and I had been shopping at the local country club bizarre. He bought lots of good "southern" stuff" he said.
Picture frames and cloth "ragbag" purses !!!
He was so proud of his purchases as we walked to my brother's house, where we were staying.
I scrambled around trying to search the Internet for a song from 1986- for some reason-- obviously NOT my birth year, but my high school graduation year.
No computer would work!!!
David Lee Roth was also a judge. I am not sure why except for in 1986, I loved him!!!
I was telling him that I still had my t-shirt from a 1986 concert that was so thin you could see through it, instead of picking a song.

I was getting so frustrated and finally awoke to find it
was 20 minutes later that
I should have been up to get my son off to school.......

Oh well. Any dream with Simon, picture frames, purses and David Lee Roth can only be drug- induced.....


Emmalee said...

Awesome dream!

Leigh said...

funny dream! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if Paula were kicked off (she adds zero to the show) and David was on. I hear the tour has been postponed again....

Dullbert said...

funny..Don't know if you saw the movie but Simon buying "southern stuff" reminds me off Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny when he shows up in court wearing the secondhand suit.