Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Antiquing and Photography: Spring Break Adventure #2:

This is Print #2 in my
Family Pathways portrait series,
Fiddler's Rest.
The first one, The Journey is posted
This is my paternal great grandfather's fiddle- And my maternal grandmother's old butter churn.
I went to my maternal great grandparent's homeplace this weekend and took lots of shots-
This shot is one of my all time favorites.
Straight off the camera, perfect lighting.
I have lots more sentimental, antique keepsakes and can't wait to get my series completed, canvases ordered and hung!
My brother has been given this fiddle by my 95 year old grandmother who is still living.
He almost made me sign a release to take it and my sister and I had to have it back by sundown. Can you believe he does not trust us?
We spent a long time trying to find the perfect place for the perfect shot.
We went to a huge creek and rocky waterfall area first, but climbing down the rocks with a 200 year old fiddle and a very expensive camera for 2 rather accident prone people did not seem like a good idea. Besides, the place had lost some of its beauty in the years since I had been there, thanks to the local rednecks trashing the area - and hanging out there yesterday as well, making my photo spot rather "unphotogenic".
I am glad though, because the new found spot turned out to be much better.


Leigh said...

Gorgeous print. And nice story. I love things like that. And there is NOTHING like natural light. That is why I always encourage people to take their portraist outdoors (early AM or late daylight). GREAT work, Charnita.

ABBEY said...

Beautiful! Puts my feeble attempt to shame!