Friday, March 28, 2008

Five for Friday

1. Buy OXY tough spot carpet cleaner and put under your sink. You never know when you may need it. Also, Never put paintings that your 4 year old created on the dresser in her room to dry. They can be knocked off, and stepped on and leave footprints all over her room. (Maybe placed on the floor, stomped on and then danced around the room???....I don't know, I didn't see it.... I was blogging.)

2. Learn how to highlight hair. If you think you hate paying lots of money for your own hair color, just imagine paying that for a NINE YEAR OLD BOY!!!! My husband is appalled. Hey, its just hair.

3. Get a Mom t-shirt that said "....because I said so" on the back.

Helena Baseball Moms got one for being team mother. I love mine! I wanted to make myself a photo button with my son's picture on it like I did when he played t-ball. He was appalled as well. He wouldn't even let me wear it when he was 5, much less now.

4. Buy the new Eggo Mini Muffin Tops for breakfast- that I am sure you have seen on TV. The are amazingly delicious. We ate a whole box in one day. (Well I hid one slab of them so I could eat them later.....)

They go in the toaster and come in Chocolate Chip flavor!!!!! My 4 year old said, "Hey I saw those on TV!!" when I got them out of the freezer. All that Nickelodeon advertising pays off. I am sure it will be like the toaster strudel that used to come in chocolate filled though. Someone will protest or sue because obviously, eating chocolate for breakfast can't be healthy. Ah yes, I can see it already. Only the healthy blueberry ones were listed on the website. What a terrible mother I am. Hey, they have 10% of the daily recommended B12!!!

5. Enjoy your children, despite all the trouble they are, this weekend. My son has his first baseball game that he will play in with cool highlights in his hair as captain of the team, I may add-as I wear my photo button from T-ball on my "Because I said So..." shirt.
Ain't life great!
Happy Friday!!

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