Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little Heaven, after a little Hell

Start a new job and the inevitable will happen.
1. Children with horrible rash- virus thing that looks like leprosy. Emergency Pediatric visit. Anyone ever heard of Fifths? Not contagious when the rash appears, just the 10 days before.....with No symptoms.
2. One child throws up.
3. Said child throws up again, in my car. 5 times before getting stopped.
4. Had to clean and bleach LOTS of things. Pretty much the entire house and car, all linens and surfaces. You know, the germ freak I am. Both little darlings still have horrible rash.
5. Miss 2nd day of work because child still throws up. Take Both kids to doctor again.
6. Neighbor and Paw Paw keep sick child as I attempt to go to work.
7. Am late for for work when I can return due to traffic, train and life.....and more throw up... Pull muscle in shoulder while at work under a desk in high heels in a skirt.
8. Children still have horrible rash. Another dr. visit.
9. Run over child's scooter with car. Scooter is lodged out of ass-end of car. Stuck.
10. Lock keys in car on lunch break.
Wanna hear more??? I didn't think so.
So what does all this add up to?

My new best friend. Terri at Helena Body Spa.

She will make you forget all about your throw-up and your job. And the scooter hanging out from under your car. She will massage out the huge knot in your shoulder from crawling under a desk when you are too old and out of shape to do so and massage the rest of your aching parts, too!
May I recommend the 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage?
And the neck thing she does will make you never want to get off of that table. The room is dark. Relaxing music is playing. It smells so WONDERFUL! A LITTLE pampering is always in order. Especially if you have had a week like mine.
Thank you ...for the Heaven
to make my week from Hell go away!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

okay that is some shit- I'm glad you got some sort of relief!

Terri said...

Thanks for the nice words! You deserved more pampering for all you went thru this week. But it's OVER and next week will be better.

Of course, if I come down with Fifths disease I know where to find you!

Dullbert said...

Wow one of my boys had fifths about a month ago never spread to anyone else in the family though. The little girl next door had it hmmm ? He got it right before our Alabama Adventure outing and would get almost orange with the sunscreen and hot sun. Had two women almost accused me of neglect because they thought he was that sunburned.

HEWY said...

Uggh! This is a bad way to start! I know a few people who have had a super strong infection that acted like strep. I hope things get better.

I'm throwing karma your way!

Anonymous said...

My son and I both got Fifths just as we were leaving for Disney. My son seemed to do pretty good with it. The rash looked nice in all the pictures and went all over his body. As an adult, every joint in my body ached. How nice it was for every step at Disney to be painful. Sounds like your year can only get better from here. !!!

jennifer said...

Bless your little bad luck riddled heart.

I am SO sorry you week went down like that but GLAD that you got some You time.

I imagine you had some tension she had to work out, no?


Leigh said...

Have mercy! SO glad you got all the kinks worked out. Hope all is well now.

And I LOVE Terri. She my fran.