Friday, August 22, 2008

My new Amigo...

Amigos Mexican Grill,

3659 Lorna Road, Suite 133, Hoover


(98 Health Rating, by the way).
My favorite thing to eat since I was pregnant with Little girl has been Mexican, specifically fajitas. I am always up for trying new Mexican cuisine and want to try as many as I can in this lifetime.

Tonight we tried Amigo's and I am IN LOVE.
The food was wonderful. I love my chicken to taste, well, mexicany, NOT grilled.
I love my salsa to be thin, not chunky. And I want NO onions in my fajitas- lotsa sour cream.
My new Mexican restaurant best friend hit the mark on all points.
SUPER FAST. Attractively decorated. Cheese dip was awesome.
--And WHERE ELSE in the world can you hear a mariachi band sing "Sweet Home Alabama" and kick your 9 year old's butt in a game of pool.

We had a great Friday night out and some good family time.
The band sang Jimmy Buffett, too, and Baby girl danced away.
I will certainly be back for more!
Take lots of quarters for the kids to play and you can have a nice dinner.....!


Leigh said...

Did you try their green salsa? YUM-O. If not you must ask. I like it better than their red.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Well, we had some and I kept saying it was too hot- my hubby kept saying no it was not hot, but i DIDN'T BELIEVE HIM and didn't try it...Rats....will have to go back.

Leigh said...

light weight! Try the sauce...its my favorite at that mexican place. MAybe we can do lunch there!