Friday, August 1, 2008

Meeting Friends

I have been out and about more lately and met lots of new friends.
No, I do not mean new bloggers- I do have a real life.

I met THE COOLEST guy at a meeting yesterday- a friend of a friend who actually knew me from my blog.

Turns out he is a FAMOUS writer and actor.
Oh, man,- I thought I was the famous blogger in the house!
So hello out there to my new friend!
Let's meet up again in real life soon.
I googled you and saw your book info- MAN- you are really smarter than I thought!
And, it was such a pleasure to meet you, I may add.
You made me laugh and made that rather uneventful meeting lots more fun.
And I am here, in your "office" waiting to hook up the projector.
Where are you?????
And I finally got all that COOKIE OUT.
Hope to see you soon, my new friend.
Over BonJovi and a for you.


jennifer said...

OOH! Intriguing. Is this person a blogger? Helena? So criptic and I am SO nosey! HAH!


Charnita's Xpressions said...

No, not a blogger- but a friend of a blogger.
He is a writer and I asked him if he had a blog....he said no.
But now that I think of it....
it could have been HEWY or DULLBERT incognito??????
UMmmmm I will have to check this new friend of mine out more!
And he was intriguing.
And you are NOSY, but I do love you.

jennifer said...

BINGO! That was what I was thinking!

Thank you for loving me anyway :)