Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Children: A Saturday of Fun.....

Are they both preparing for their future careers?????
I think Little Man slept in his full football gear!
He is so excited!


Leigh said...

Precious pictures! You will really enjoy the football season!

jennifer said...

*laughing* Please tell me what that t-shirt says that cutie poo has on!!

Great photos!


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Hooters Breast Cancer Fund tank top-a present form her father from the New Orleans Hooters; Her shirt is a commerative of a Hooters girl from the original one in Clearwater, close to where we lived.
We went to the original one aften and Kelly Jo was an original Hooters girl who passed away in her 40's the last yr we lived there.
Hooters INc. has donated LOTS of money to "saving hooters..." in her honorl.

jennifer said...

Love it! I have never seen the Hooters Breast Cancer awareness logo. How bloomin' appropriate! I have seen Leigh's link to save the Ta Ta's. Glad that folks are getting creative about a serious issue!

Be blessed.