Monday, August 11, 2008

Mute Monday: Western

a tribute to my Yankee Boy- His 10 favorites.


having my cake said...

Pale Rader and Josie Wales, two of my fave Clints and such a fabulous quote. Great collage of some other truly great Westerns. Happy MM x

The Troll said...

Great looking collage. "The Searchers" was the Duke's best work. 3 dimensional character.

Happy Mute Monday!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely collection...Happy MM!

Dullbert said...

That's cool !.... you need to give an honorable mention to Butch and Sundance.

Edi said...

I always thought that movie posters just as pretty!

BamaBelle said...

Char, this was a great Mute Monday! I haven't stopped in in a couple of days so I had some catching up to do. LOVE the post about the job and kids. I was on the floor BUT I HOPE All ARE FEELING BETTER that is not funny. It really is no fun when they are sick.
Having grown up in New Orleans I can respect the GUMBO. I am glad ya'll had such fun and that it turned out well. It truly is a labor of love!
See you soon,
Bama Belle
OH, you know Hewy sent me one of those pieces of flair on my facebook page to. I just might have to copy you and post mine also. LOL

jennifer said...

Oh I'm gonna whistle Dixie sir.

Great movie selections!!


Leigh said...

theres a quiz on my blog with your name all over it.