Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Doc!

We celebrated our friend's birthday this weekend at the Plaza III Steakhouse in Brookwood Village. The Doc turned 41 and we had a great meal and great time celebrating with them. It is a treat to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy....and I do mean fancy.
There was a minimum to hold the private dining room for the 9 of us and BELIEVE me it was not $50.
The Plaza has choice cuts of steak and lobster as it's specialty.
And an AMAZING menu of Martinis-

especially the PlazaIIItini, their specialty, with some added peach schnapps, a Hawaiian-tinni, with Malibu rum and banana liquor for an amazing taste and an amazing concoction known as the Blue topaz. Here are our lovely taste-testers in action.

We had shellfish samplers for appetizer, shared side dishes cheddar potatoes, brocolli and grilled vegetables and each ordered our own meat.
I, of course, had the fabulous grilled chicken.
The service was great, atmosphere was so comfortable and food was delicious.
The lobster was HUGE. I did try a bite, and although I am not a lobster fan, my friends said it was among the best. They have it all out of the shell for you as well so that you can eat with no trouble. I am sure that little service was not for free.
And while the lobster was huge, I can't say so for the fillet.
Princess and A shared one and just look at Princess' portion.

While certainly not for the regular Friday night eat out,
you can't put a price on good friends and sharing a good time with them.
For a special treat, treat yourself to the Plaza III.
A steakhouse to compare with some of the best in the country....and some really great grilled chicken too.

595 Brookwood Vlg Birmingham, AL 35209-4501 205-414-1411

~Oh, we took over 100 pictures to document the are just a few~


William Kirby said...

Great job, CJ -- PICS are great -- the Plaza III should give us a discount off our tab for the GREAT advertising!!

Kip (aka DOC)

Marci Kirby said...

Can't wait to see the others!! These are great!! Love You...the Princess

Leigh said...

I love the pic of the testers! To cute!

jennifer said...

How fun! You are blessed to have a great group of friends to celebrate milestones with.

And you look MARVELOUS in your halter dress.


HEWY said...

Congrats Doc! It looked like a nice someone kissing a lobster?!? That was a wild party!

Princess said...

That was the "princess" kissing the lobster's...we named both of the 5 lb lobsters Lucy and Ricky!! We all had a GREAT time that night and are so lucky and blessed to have each other:)) Love you tons and tons my "soul sister" (CJ)

Abbey said...

My gosh, that is the fatest lobster tail I've seen in these parts, EVER! I must have one! Doc had to be in heaven with all you fine looking ladies around him! Happy Birthday, doc!