Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gnome Hunt Loot

Ok, Ok. So I didn't win the Golden Gnome Hunt.
I am over it.
I am.
But I did get myself some consolation prizes to help lessen the grief.

The Biggest Tote Bag in the World,
Animal print and Monogrammed just for me.....
from Sew What.
And a custom Name badge holder to match for my new official position---- (top secret clearance required.....)
from Bead Biz, where Jess spent the day after the mad dash for clues.

See what cute things you can get at our local little businesses??? Not a golden gnome, but will have to do.

Oh and, Hewy did send me a Golden Gnome Piece of Flair on Facebook.
Yet another consolation prize!


jennifer said...

After seeing you Zebra Tote, I want you to come and see the post that I did today. I REALLY think that you would like it!

Don't cha just love a good consolation prize? They are so very... consoling.


Leigh said...

You're on fire! I saw that you won the contest at Bunny Bungalow's! Congratulations!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Yes...too cute. Hewy bought it all for me since I didn't win.
Jen, I saw the zebra post. TOO CUTE. You are my kind of rule breakin, dare to be 'ME' girl.
Leigh, did win from BUNNY.
BUT not the gnome.
and Hewy, well he didn't give those
to me....bought them for myself