Friday, August 1, 2008

Golden Gnome...Here I Come

8 AM-I am out--rolled straight outta bed- with no makeup, a clippie in my hair, dragging my entourage collecting clues.

Are YOU????????

Have a new monogrammed book bag, coffee and a muffin.....
and several clues.
Bama Bell and LeighH- you are goin' down.
Competition is tuff this time.
Noon: Have 2 new shirts, a beaded name tag holder, a massage to book AND all the CLUES but one!!!

OK, so I didn't win.
But had a great time visiting Helena businesses that I had always "meant to go by".

*Got a huge GREAT animal print tote bag monogrammed for myself at Sew What,
*a custom made necklace from Bead Biz, made with Love by Jess Jess, whom I dragged out with me, and her a really cool guitar pick necklace
*Awesome Coffee and a muffin to start my day at Big Mountain
*2 Abercrombie shirts for Little Man at Consignment Classics for $2.50!!!! (I had money in my account from things I took there....for his being dragged along as well.)

What a fun day!!
Woulda been a lot better if I HAD WON, of course.

I am sure it was some sort of conspiracy or someone cheated or something- because I could not have been beaten legitimately.!!! But as the rules stated, NO complaining or suing.

Thanks Hewy, for another good time.
Nice to meet you Bama Belle.
And LeighH- I will get you next time and ....ummmm.....CONGRATULATIONS, I guess....


BamaBelle said...

How fun was this hunt today? We were of course disappointed that we did not win, but hey, so next time! I so enjoyed teasing and stalking each other today and it leads me to this... we need to have coffee together sometime outside of the gnome hunt! Have a great weekend my friend!
P.S. I normally do NOT look that rough, I had an early start to the gnome hunt!

penny stock info said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Terri said...

It was nice to meet you today! All the Gnomies were so nice and funny coming in to find the clues.

Better luck next year!

Leigh said...

Charnita, better luck next time! Sorry it wasnt you. But congrats to all who gave it their best!

jennifer said...

Oh FUN! I am going to Hewy's in a minute to see what all was going on with the hunt!